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(VIDEO) (1st Hands on TEKKEN 8 Indonesia) KotakGame Goes To Bandai Namco! Excited to Meet BOSS TEKKEN!

Tekken 8 was first announced on September 13 2022 on the PlayStation State of Play, but previously it was informally teased at EVO 2022. The previous game, Tekken 7, doesn’t feel like it’s already 8 years old. First released in 2015, this game is still in demand by its fanbase and is still being played.

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So, at the beginning of this March, KotakGame received an invitation from Bandai Namco Entertainment Southeast Asia to come to their office in Singapore, to try the Tekken 8 game in person as well as chat and interview with TEKKEN Project Executive Producer/Director, Katsuhiro Harada and also TEKKEN Project Producer, Michael Murray.

Come on, just watch the video below:


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