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Games with Gacha Context Inside Will Be Adult-Rated in Australia

The Australian Federal Government has announced this week that it will be pushing to “apply an R18+ rating to all video games that contain simulated gambling or gacha”.

While Belgium’s infamous Loot Box law has made headlines time and time again after being passed a few years ago, this new Australian proposal takes a slightly different approach, and would tackle all forms of gambling in video games, including “loot boxes or gacha”.

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As ABC reports, Communications Secretary Michelle Rowland is asking states and territories to sign on to the plan, which would see any game with “simulated gambling” rated adults only.

If this proposal becomes law, it will mean that some of the most successful retail video games on the planet, such as EA’s FIFA series, will see their ratings jump from “G” (for general audience) to “M” for “Mature”.

Source: Kotaku


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