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A special MLBB tournament for ladies entitled Nostra Goddess League with a total prize of 30 million Rupiah has been successfully held in Indonesia.

This tournament has been held openly for ladies (female) players from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in Indonesia, with a tournament format that presents seven invited teams and open qualifiers to the public.

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Seeing the recent MLBB ladies tournaments that are in great demand by esports fans, therefore Nostra also opens up opportunities for Indonesian ladies’ teams to show their skills again in this tournament.

The Nostra Goddess League was made with the aim of being able to reach many female MLBB players, in order to provide a platform for them to improve their skills through tournament events. Not only that, Nostra is also trying to build an esports gaming community through tournaments and making Glance one of the largest community platforms.

The excitement of the Nostra Goddess League, from the Open Qualification Round to the Grand Finals

Registration for ladies’ teams in Indonesia was opened from February 14 to March 2 2023, and managed to gather 39 teams who registered in full, as well as 639 participants who registered solo.

The teams and participants who have registered immediately took part in the open qualification round on March 4-5 2023, followed by the playoffs with 7 invited teams from the MLBB Ladies Indonesia scene. The fight for the title and a total prize of 30 million Rupiah was held on 18 and 19 March 2023.

The winning teams in the Nostra Goddess League, namely MBR Delphyne as 1st place, followed by Echo Aeris as 2nd place, Tigerwong Seiren as 3rd place, and Aura Phoenix who had to be wild as 4th place.

As one of the representatives from MBR Delphyne, Xev gave some hope for the Nostra Goddess League in the future. “Hopefully there will be more NGL participants, the big teams will participate and the small teams will also be able to participate more so they can feel what it’s like to face big teams like that. So they know what they have to improve,” said Xev, a member of MBR Delphyne.

There are lots of interesting videos on KotakGame’s YouTube, guys!

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