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OhMyVeenus, the Queen of Support is back in the spotlight at the MPL PH Season 11 event after she used Floryn in the match against Smart Omega a few days ago. This happened because Smart Omega banned four signature heroes owned by OhMyVeenus, so he was forced to try new heroes.

The rebroadcast of the match between Blacklist International and Smart Omega showed a ban that was very much aimed at the queen of Mobile Legends, where four of Omega’s five banned heroes were aimed at OhMyVeenus. These heroes are Diggie, Estes, Lolita, and Mathilda.

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Because of this situation, OhMyVeenus tried to debut using Floryn in MPL PH Season 11. Even though he wasn’t used to this hero, Veenus managed to play quite well and be flexible. In fact, Blacklist International managed to win this match, even though the match lasted quite a long time, namely 18 minutes.

OhMyVeenus’ success in adapting to this new hero proves that he is a very talented player and can play with many characters. This also shows that OhMyVeenus’ ability and expertise in MLBB games is very high, so that he can easily overcome challenges and difficult situations.

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