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A Leaker Leaks That Tencent Makes a Game Similar to Apex Legends Mobile for the China Region

@theleakerbot is an Apex Legends Mobile leaker who is well known for leaking Apex Legends Mobile updates since its initial release. In his latest upload, he shows a screenshot of a game made by Tencent which is very similar to Apex Legends Mobile.

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In his upload, he shows a lot of screenshots from the game, the first is a screenshot of the game’s start page where you can see the 3 characters he describes as similar to Wraith, Wattson, and Lifeline. Apart from that, there are also various in-game assets and official art which at first glance have a lot of similarities to Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile China version Wraith and Wattson redesigns

— TheLeakerBot (@theleakerbot) March 29, 2023 theleakerbot also explained that this game is separate from EA and fully owned by Tencent. We’ve also heard that closing Apex Legends Mobile in May was a decision from EA and Tencent had asked to continue the game.


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