Motorists Cut Jokowi’s Convoy in Makassar Apologize, Admit They Don’t Know

Makassar, CNN Indonesia —

Juna Wanisu Darul (18) admitted that he did not know that President Joko Widodo’s group of cars had crossed Jalan Gunung Bawakaraeng, Makassar, South Sulawesi.

The incident occurred when Jokowi visited the Eggplant Market to meet traders and residents at the traditional market. Darul rides a bicycle against the flow of traffic.

“At that time I wanted to go for a motorbike test and I crossed that road. But I didn’t know that the President’s car was going to pass,” said Darul, Thursday (30/3).



Darul admitted that he panicked when he saw President Joko Widodo’s group of cars, so he immediately turned to the right, past the president’s car.

“I saw the president’s car entourage, I panicked and immediately cut to the right,” he said.

Darul’s actions also endangered other road drivers as well as himself, so this young man who is known to be a jockey of illegal racing, apologized for the incident.

“I apologize to the President, the Indonesian National Police, for my actions which have disturbed many people,” he said.

Kapolrestabes Makassar Kombes Pol Budhi Haryanto said Darul had a hobby of wild racing.

“This motorbike is a motorbike borrowed from someone. Because so far he has a hobby of wild racing. We will do coaching for children who lack attention from their parents,” said Budhi.


(Gambas:Video CNN)

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