Governor Koster: I also don’t expect the U-20 World Cup in RI to be cancelled

Denpasar, CNN Indonesia —

The Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, stated that he also did not want Indonesia’s status as the host of the U-20 World Cup to be revoked.

He emphasized that from the start he only refused the arrival of the Israeli national team to compete in Bali. However, he did not refuse the U-20 World Cup title.

“I also don’t expect FIFA’s decision to cancel the FIFA U-20 World Championship in Indonesia, even though the central government has made every effort to communicate with the FIFA President,” Koster said in a written statement, Thursday (30/3).



Koster explained the basis for his rejection of the presence of the Israel National Team in Bali, namely the 1945 Constitution which states that independence is the right of all nations. Meanwhile, according to him, Israel has occupied Palestine for decades.

He said this was not in accordance with the Indonesian constitution and Bung Karno’s principles as the father of the nation.

“Not rejecting the FIFA U-20 world championship, but only conveying his rejection of the presence of the Israeli team to compete in Bali,” he said.

In addition, Koster said the presence of the Israeli National Team in Bali has the potential to become a target for those who endanger the security and safety of Balinese people. He emphasized that he does not tolerate any form of disturbance and the safety of residents.

“I do not tolerate potential disturbances to the security and safety of the Balinese people, which will further impact the hard work of all parties so far, in efforts to restore Bali’s tourism and economy, so that they can only recover and bounce back after the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said .

He also thanked those who supported him. Koster said that his refusal was inseparable from the principles of history, humanity, and the responsibility of relations between nations.

“FIFA’s decision to cancel Indonesia from hosting the FIFA U-20 world championship is a very important lesson in building awareness that Indonesian football must be built as part of Indonesia’s supremacy and this must be comprehensive,” he said.

FIFA announced the revocation of Indonesia’s host status for the U-20 World Cup. The decision was strongly suspected of being the result of a number of parties’ rejection of the participation of the Israeli national team.

Meanwhile, Wayan Koster had sent a letter to the Indonesian Menpora stating that he refused to allow the Israeli national team to compete in Bali.

In the letter, Wayan Koster is of the view that Israel’s political policies towards Palestine are inconsistent with the Indonesian government’s political policies. Apart from that, he said, there was no diplomatic relations between the Indonesian government and the Israeli government.


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