Deputy Speaker of the Sukabumi DPRD Arrested for Embezzlement of Rental Cars

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Deputy Chairman of the DPRD for Sukabumi City, West Java, JA (42) is suspected of being the perpetrator of fraud and embezzlement of a Mitsubishi Pajero owned by a vehicle rental business.

He and another man with the initials H (34) were arrested by the Sukabumi City Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

Based on the information gathered, JA is suspected of embezzling a vehicle belonging to a car rental from Cijagra, Bandung, West Java. JA is also known as the Chairman of the DPD Golkar Sukabumi.



The two were arrested by the police after fulfilling a second summons from the Sukabumi City Police Criminal Investigation Unit regarding a case of alleged fraud and embezzlement at the Sukabumi City Police Headquarters.

“The Sukabumi City Police, in this case the Criminal Investigation Unit, succeeded in securing two suspected perpetrators of fraud and embezzlement of a car belonging to a car rental in Cijagra, Bandung. The two suspected perpetrators had the initials JA and H,” said Sukabumi City Police Chief AKBP SY Zainal Abidin, as reported by detikJabar , Thursday (30/3).

Based on the results of the interim inspection, JA initially rented a Pajero car with a rental fee of IDR 6 million per week and has been running it for five months. Then, after five months, the victim asked for his car to be returned.

“The victim asked JA for his vehicle for periodic servicing, but did not receive an answer until the victim came to JA in Sukabumi and found out that the car that was rented had been pawned by JA through H to another person who is currently still being searched for,” said Zainal.

Regarding the alleged fraud and embezzlement incident, the police secured a number of pieces of evidence in the form of a car rental order, a car renter survey data sheet and a leasing certificate.

Until now JA and H are still being detained at the Sukabumi City Police Headquarters to undergo the investigation process.

“For their actions, the two alleged perpetrators are threatened with Article 378 Jo 372 of the Criminal Code which carries a sentence of up to 5 years,” said Zainal.

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