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For those of you who often drive in the Bogor area, you must be familiar with traffic jams that often occur.

To overcome this problem, the local government has installed several surveillance cameras or CCTV Live Bogor scattered at several strategic points.

With CCTV Live Bogor, you can easily see real-time traffic conditions before deciding to leave.

Apart from that, CCTV Live Bogor can also assist you in choosing an alternative route if there is a traffic jam on the road you usually pass.

In this article, we will discuss more about CCTV Live Bogor and how to access it.

Illustration of highway CCTV

There is a way to see live traffic conditions in Bogor through online CCTV. (Photo: Freepik)

Sophisticated, online CCTV now can not only be accessed via a computer on a desk or laptop. But, it can also be accessed via cellphone.

Carmudian doesn’t even need to bother filling in personal data to access it.

Based on Carmudi’s investigation, most online CCTV can be accessed directly without having to fill in personal data first.

How to See Traffic Conditions in Bogor Through CCTV Online

It is common for the people of Bogor to find congested road conditions on weekends, especially the Puncak route during the holiday season.

For this reason, Carmudi has summarized several ways to see traffic conditions in Bogor through online CCTV, as reported by various sources.

Via Special Website

cctv live bogor

Seeing traffic conditions in Bogor live via online CCTV owned by DLLAJ Bogor City. (Photo: Carmudi)

Bogor residents who want to see traffic conditions while driving can access the Bogor City DLLAJ website.

This is a site owned by the Bogor City Traffic and Road Force Service (DLLAJ), which provides online CCTV footage.

This site only provides live broadcasts of special traffic conditions for the City of Bogor which include North, South, West, Central and East Bogor.

Based on the website, there are a total of 12 CCTV DLLAJ installed throughout Bogor City.

For Carmudian who wants to monitor traffic conditions in Bogor by using the Bogor City DLLAJ website, the method is very easy.

First, Carmudian can visit the site here using a browser on a cellphone that is connected to the internet.

After the site is open, Carmudian can select the CCTV footage at the location where you want to monitor live traffic conditions.

After that, a CCTV display will appear showing the current traffic conditions at the selected location.

Apart from the Bogor City DLLAJ website, Carmudian can also visit the private website which has several online CCTV cameras in various cities in Indonesia, from DKI Jakarta, Depok, to Bogor.

Carmudian can access the site here using a browser on a cellphone. Make sure the browser is connected to the internet.

After logging in to the website, Carmudian can select CCTV live broadcasts in the Bogor area where he wants to know the traffic conditions.

This CCTV can monitor traffic conditions in Cibubur, Ciloto Puncak, and Puncak Raya KM 84.

Using the CCTV Online Application

Apart from via online CCTV on the site, there are also other ways to monitor traffic conditions in Bogor, namely by using the following application.


This application belongs to the Indonesian National Police (National Police of the Republic of Indonesia). The application functions to monitor live traffic conditions in Indonesia, including in Bogor.

The NTMC TV application has been connected to many CCTVs spread across the Bogor area, so that the public can see traffic conditions at various street points in the area.

To use this application, Carmudian must first download the application for free on the Google Play Store.

Using Waze and Google Maps
Waze view

Apart from online CCTV on the site, Carmudian can also monitor Bogor live traffic conditions on Waze. (Photo: Illustration)

Carmudian can also take advantage of several other applications, such as Waze.

As is known, Waze is a turn-by-turn GPS navigation application that is free of charge or free with real-time traffic updates.

With this application, Carmudian can see the latest traffic conditions in various locations around Carmudian, including in the Bogor area.

If you want to use Waze, Carmudian should first know some of the colors in the application which indicate the status of traffic conditions.

Some of them are red, indicating traffic jam conditions. There is also a yellow color to indicate road conditions that are also jammed, but not too bad.

Not to forget, there is also a gray color to indicate smooth road conditions. Carmudians who want to use Waze can download the application on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Apart from Waze, Carmudian can use Google Maps which is also an application which can be used to view live traffic conditions in the Bogor area.

Much like Waze, Google Maps also uses color. The darker the color, the more congested the streets. To access Google Maps, Carmudian can download the application on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Anti-Stress Tips When Driving

Tips for dealing with stress while driving. (Photo: Illustration)

Carmudian will definitely feel stressed when they encounter a traffic jam while driving. There are several tips that Carmudian needs to know so they don’t get stressed while driving, especially in traffic jams.

One of the reasons roads get congested is that many people are using the same road at one time. To prevent Carmudian from getting stuck in traffic jams, you can leave earlier than usual.

If you still get stuck in traffic jams in the middle of the road, Carmudian doesn’t need to worry and stress about arriving late at their destination. It is likely that Carmudian still got there on time.

When facing traffic jams, Carmudian must remain patient and calm. This can prevent feelings of resentment which can later lead to stress.

Carmudian could look around to see that it was not only Carmudian who was stuck in traffic, but also many other people whose fate was the same.

By doing this, Carmudian can rest easy because he doesn’t feel alone. If you want to feel calm, Carmudian can take a deep breath, then exhale slowly. Do it repeatedly until completely calm.

This can also make Carmudian feel relaxed when driving in traffic jams. It is recommended to do this method when you feel irritated.

Instead of feeling annoyed when going through a traffic jam, Carmudian should give positive affirmations to yourself.

Feeling annoyed and nagging when stuck in traffic on a trip will make Carmudian’s energy drained out so that it can cause the body to tire more quickly which of course can endanger Carmudian’s safety.

Keep in mind, getting annoyed and nagging won’t change a traffic jam situation. Therefore, it is better for Carmudian to take advantage of the stuck time to give positive affirmations to Carmudian himself.

Obeying Traffic Signs

This sign is a traffic control tool that has been designed to ensure the comfort and safety of every road user.

With these signs, can reduce the risk of accidents. Even though the road conditions are jammed, Carmudian must still obey traffic signs so that he can arrive safely at his destination.

Otherwise, Carmudian could be exposed to unwanted events which of course can cause stress.

Author: Nadya Andari
Editor: Dimas

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