9 US Army Soldiers Die in Black Hawk Heli Crash

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Nine United States Army soldiers were killed in the crash of two Black Hawk helicopters during a training exercise in the state of Kentucky, Wednesday (29/3) night.

“Two US Army helicopters crashed during a night training mission in Kentucky, killing all nine soldiers on board,” Brigadier General John Lubas told a news conference.

The accident happened while the two Black Hawk helicopters designed for medical evacuation were taking part in a routine training mission. The two helicopters carried nine members of the 101st Airborne Division, based at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.



The two helicopters have crews of five and four respectively.

Right now the military is still working to notify all the families of those who died,” he said.

The investigation team is still investigating the cause of the two helicopters colliding. In fact, helicopter pilots use night training equipment such as night vision goggles, and prepare to land in an open field.

“We have a security team coming in from Fort Rucker, Alabama that specializes in aircraft safety and specifically this investigation,” Lubas said.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear mourns the loss of soldiers.

“We are blessed to live in the freest country in the history of planet Earth. But we must remember that freedom depends on those willing to serve, some of whom pay the highest price,” the governor told a news conference.


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