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Ever thought about dangerous objects in cars that could trigger havoc? It felt like Carmudian must have thought of this.

Unknowingly, the car owner may accidentally leave objects that are actually dangerous if placed in the car. If left alone, it turns out the effect is fatal, you know!

Prohibition of Putting Some Items

Some places prohibit drivers from leaving their luggage in the vehicle, especially when parking in an open and hot area.

This prohibition was actually made to have a purpose and purpose. Not only saving cars and preventing crime, but for car safety too.

dangerous objects in the car

Illustration of carrying luggage in an SUV (Photo: Chevrolet)

There are some items that are forbidden to be placed in the car, because they can cause danger. When the car is parked in the hot sun, items in the car can trigger an explosion and fire.

The hot temperature in the car allows items left behind to be damaged, so that when the temperature in the cabin is very hot it can explode.

Therefore, it is very important not to leave things behind, because they can be dangerous when placed in the car. What are the prohibited items?

List of Dangerous Objects When Placed in a Car

Fire lighter

Maybe for some people, lighters are considered a normal thing, but actually this one item shouldn’t be left in the car. This plastic gas fuel has the potential to become a source of explosion.

dangerous objects in the car

When the car is parked in the hot sun, the hot cabin temperature will trigger the match to explode. When a match explodes, the fragments can shatter the windshield and the flames can burn the upholstery instantly.

Drivers who are used to smoking try not to leave any kind of lighter in the car. Before unwanted things happen, it’s better to prevent it.

Plastic Drinking Bottles

Many don’t think that plastic drinking bottles can be dangerous objects when placed in a car. This object is one of the most frequently left objects by many drivers, especially when traveling.

Unfortunately, these plastic drinking bottles are generally made of materials that contain BPA. When the cabin temperature is high enough, this BPA can leak out of the plastic and mix in the drinking water content.

When taken, a mixture of water and BPA is very dangerous for the body because it can trigger cancer. As much as possible don’t leave plastic drinking bottles in the car and drink them again when the car is out in the sun.


The temperature in the car is unpredictable when left parked, so don’t leave food in the car. Many people often say, “Ah, it’s only a short parking”.

Still, food left in the car can change in quality and can also make the cabin smelly. When the cabin temperature is hot, leftover food can form poison.

dangerous objects in the car

The scary thing is, the bacteria produced by this food can spread and stick in the car cabin. Can you imagine if the bacteria attached to it actually sticks to the body of the driver and the family sitting in the car?

Therefore, do not leave hot or cold food either for a long time or for a short time.

Electronic Devices

Have you ever left an electronic device in your car? Duh, if you can, don’t do it again, whether it’s intentionally or unintentionally.

Electronic components such as smartphones, digital cameras, laptops, power banks and GPS should not be in the cabin for long.

There are two types of danger that will lurk, the first is the danger of criminal activity and the second is the potential danger of an explosion.

Electronic goods generally use batteries as an energy source. In extreme cabin temperatures, the battery can explode quickly, potentially burning the car when parked in the hot sun.

These components are also not designed to withstand excessively high temperatures. To be safer, immediately bring this electronic object down from the car when the car wants to park.


Drinking drinks while driving is fun to quench your thirst, especially soft drinks. Wow, it feels like the throat can feel fresh if you drink it in broad daylight when the weather is hot.

But Carmudian must know, carbonated drinks left in the car can actually be dangerous, you know!

dangerous objects in the car

If a fizzy drink is in an overly hot place, such as a car cabin, it can build up pressure inside the drink pack. In effect, drinks can explode similar to matches when left in the cabin.

Automatically drinks that contain soda are not the right items to leave in the car. It can be refreshing but it can be dangerous too.

Various Medicines

Some people put medicine in the car in anticipation of driving. But it must be remembered, drugs stored in the car cabin can be very dangerous when taken one day.

There are several reasons why you can’t put medicine in the car. The first is that the drug is very sensitive to changes in temperature, ideally just put the drug at room temperature.

Car cabins have varying temperatures, from extreme heat to cold. It is this temperature change that can make drug levels change.

Apart from medicine, lotion for the skin is also highly recommended to be stored in the car cabin. According to Dr. Frederic S Brandt, a British cosmetic expert, saves skin lotion as a fatal mistake.

“Sunscreen or skin lotion that is exposed to high temperatures in the cabin can degrade the contents in it such as drugs placed in the cabin. Its use can also be ineffective in the future, “he said.

Many people think that it is appropriate to put lotions and medicines in the car, but this is not the case.

Aerosol Spray

Objects that are no less dangerous when placed in a car are aerosol sprays which are usually found in aerosol cans.

The pressure in the aerosol can is quite sensitive to hot air, so it is advisable not to put it in the cabin.

dangerous objects in the car

Aerosol cans for example hairspray, deodorant, perfume, water sanitizer, and so on. The contents of this high pressure tube can expand and explode easily.

Come on, who often keeps perfume and water sanitizer spray in the car? Be careful about exploding if there are these items and the car is parked in a hot place.

Cosmetic Device

Lipstick, powder, crayons, and other plastic items are also items that melt easily, especially when stored in a closed cabin.

It is very important not to put cosmetics or similar items that can make the car dirty.

The air that settles from cosmetics in the car also has side effects that are not good for health.

Generally, female drivers who do make-up while driving often keep things like this. Lipstick can actually melt when placed in a place that is too hot.

Tips for Putting Goods When Parking

Besides explaining about dangerous objects when placed in the car, Carmudi has tips that can be done when you want to park, especially in a hot place.

Bringing Valuables Out

Often drivers leave valuables in the car, even though this can trigger a crime.

Try not to leave anything of value in the car, but bringing it down would be better. Laptops, cameras, smartphones and others should not be placed in the cabin.

Car Organizer for Storage of Goods During Mudik Lebaran Trips (Tokopedia)

There have been many acts of theft of parked cars. Rather than being the target of a crime, it is better to prevent it from happening.

Opening a Little Glass

Basement is one of the parking areas that makes the cabin temperature hot, the solution is to slightly open the glass when parking.

This method can help reduce the heat temperature in the cabin. Simply open the window in a cross position, it is assumed that the glass that is opened is only the driver’s position and the left rear door of about 5 cm.

With a note that this method is used when parking in the basement and not in a wide open area, because if it rains water can enter the cabin. Opening the glass slightly can provide air circulation in the cabin.

Using the Windshield Barrier

Meanwhile, another way to make the cabin not too hot is to use a windshield barrier. Generally these things are easy to find in online stores at affordable prices.

The keywords used to search can use a heat barrier or Sun Shield. The material is like foam covered like aluminum foil.

This object is claimed to be able to ward off and emit sunlight and Ultra Violet so that it does not enter the cabin.

Protecting the cabin from these dangerous objects is the duty of the car owner himself. If you already know, try not to keep things like that anymore, okay, it’s better to take them down from the car.

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