4 Solutions If You Forget EFIN When You Want to Report SPT

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The Annual Tax Return (SPT) reporting period for individual or employee taxpayers will end on March 31. This means that one more day the time for taxpayers to carry out their tax obligations ends.

The Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Finance, several years ago, even before the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, advised taxpayers to report their SPT electronically or online. One way is through e-filing.

To report SPT via e-filing, an EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) is required. EFIN is an identity number issued by the DGT to taxpayers who report their SPT via e-Filing and creating a tax payment billing code.



Without EFIN, taxpayers cannot report their SPT online. Therefore, if you forget your EFIN number, you can take several steps to get it back.

The following steps can be taken if you forget the EFIN code:

1. Telephone the official KPP number

Taxpayers can apply for the forgot EFIN service through the KPP’s official telephone number. The official telephone number of the KPP where you are registered can be seen on the link www.pajak.go.id/unit-kerja.

What needs to be noted, one phone call/whatsapp call from the taxpayer is only for one EFIN forgotten service request. This is intended to prevent misuse of taxpayer EFIN codes.

To ensure that the caller is the taxpayer in question, the officer will verify and require Proof of Record Ownership (PORO) data.

PORO is a process of confirming taxpayer data to ensure that the person calling or making the request via e-mail is the taxpayer/administrator of the agency concerned. This is done to maintain the confidentiality of taxpayer data and prevent misuse of taxpayer data.

2. KPP’s official email

Taxpayers can submit a request for forgetting the EFIN via the KPP’s official email. One taxpayer email can only be used for one EFIN forget service application.

Taxpayer application via e-mail complete with PORO (I have explained the definition of PORO above). The requirements that must be submitted are:

– Scan the EFIN application form, check the type of reprint request. The form can be downloaded at www.pajak.go.id/id/formgulung-perpetan-EFIN. Make sure the phone number and email written on the form are still active.

– Photo identification (KTP for Indonesian citizens, KITAP/KITAS for foreigners)

– Photo of Certificate of Registration (SKT) or NPWP

– Selfies/selfies holding KTP and NPWP cards

The officer checks the suitability of the data provided by the taxpayer with the DGT database. If all data is correct, the officer will send an EFIN notification in PDF format via email.

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3. Kring Tax Agent

Tax information services in the form of forgotten EFIN information (provided that EFIN has been activated before) can be obtained via telephone line 1500200, Twitter, @kring_pajak, and live chat at www.pajak.go.id. Before contacting, taxpayers must prepare some data in the form of NPWP, name, address, cell phone number, and registered email address.

For Twitter services, it’s enough to mention once to enter into the forgot EFIN service queue and please check DM for follow-up on the next business day. For telephone and live chat services, it can be accessed from Monday – Friday at 08.00 to 16.00 WIB.

4. Direct Message (DM) KPP social media account where the taxpayer is registered

DGT manages its social media accounts very well. DGT’s social media is used to disseminate tax information in the digital era as it is today. Taxpayers can ask for information regarding how to apply for the EFIN forgot service through a registered KPP social media account. It can be via Twitter, Facebook, or KPP’s official Instagram.

After sending a DM to a registered KPP social media account, the taxpayer is not immediately notified of your EFIN code, given the presence of PORO earlier. Later, after DM on KPP’s social media, the taxpayer will receive information regarding an explanation of the services needed, what the requirements are, and what must be done.


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