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Jakarta — PT Pertamina Lubricants (PTPL) as a Subholding (SH) Commercial and Trading subsidiary of Pertamina Patra Niaga offers a variety of attractive programs for the public in the framework of the 2023 Eid al-Fitr homecoming.

Carrying the theme “Energy Full of Blessings”, the programs offered include the Oil Change Festival, Lesehan Enduro and Ketupat Enduro, as well as Pertamina Siaga Fastron.

Program PTPL

PTPL presents an interesting program ahead of Eid. (Photo: Carmudi)

“Ramadan traditions and Eid homecoming are very memorable moments for the Indonesian people. To make it easier for them to worship and go home, PTPL is holding an Oil Change Festival from 31 March to 16 April 2023,” explained Sari Rachmi, PTPL Sales & Marketing Director, Tuesday (28/3/2023).

The Oil Change Festival itself is explained as a mass oil change program in 185 workshops and other automotive areas in Indonesia.

Visitors can get a discount of IDR 50,000 for Fastron products and IDR 10,000 for Enduro products.

“Participants at this festival also have the opportunity to get special Ramadan edition merchandise, namely Ketupat Enduro or THR Fastron containing Fastron / Enduro IL oil, Fastron and Enduro t-shirt merchandise, as well as vouchers from sponsors such as Grab, Vitacimin, Garudafood, Freshcare, and others. Sari said.


PTPL interesting program for Indonesian people. (Photo: Carmudi)

Not to forget, PTPL also provides a “Lesehan Enduro” homecoming post for motorcycle users on non-toll routes. There are rest facilities and oil change promos with Ketupat Enduro merchandise.

Facilities include takjil, barber haircuts, masseurs, and so on.

For Carmudians going home with four-wheeled vehicles, Pertamina Siaga Fastron is available, which is a homecoming post in the rest area with oil change facilities and THR Fastron merchandise.

There are two points of this post, namely KM 57 and KM 379A with an estimated visitor number of 2,000 travelers. The post also provides first aid kits, ta’jil, drinks, and wifi.

For Carmudian who later wants to visit, Pertamina Siaga Fastron will be held from 15-21 April 2023.

Author: Nadya Andari
Editor: Dimas

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