Pedrosa Faces Comeback at the Spanish MotoGP with Doubt

Since leaving MotoGP, one of the most accomplished racers from Spain has tried his luck in other disciplines including competing in car racing. However, Dani Pedrosa’s passion for two wheels has always been there. KTM test rider lived for four seasons.

The former Honda rider, who has won 31 premier class wins, has the support of the Pont Group. He will make his debut as the company’s safety ambassador.

“I am happy to be able to share my experience in the world of racing and to be able to transmit it to the world of road safety, to try to raise awareness among all riders, both in the city and on the road, to drive more safely,” said the 250 cc world champion two that time.

He will combine this position with his role as a commentator on DAZN broadcasts.

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“Being a commentator is a new challenge. Trying to express things that I see, details that might be of interest to viewers and see if we can transmit more knowledge, because this competition is very technical,” he said.

Currently, Pedrosa is also preparing for a comeback to the world championship as a wild card at Jerez. On this track, he has tasted three wins.

“I’m really looking forward to it because all the fans will be at Jerez, but also with a bit of uncertainty because I haven’t been racing for a long time. In recent years the competition has grown a lot,” he revealed.

“Technologically, with aerodynamics, the lap times are much faster. The competition is very tight and the lap times are very tight. We will see how we approach the Grand Prix. We have a series of tests to do, and we have to compete at the same time.”

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