News : Upset with the Public at the Beginning of the Season, Uus: The Ranking One on Epic, Still Uses the Dettol Emblem to Play Brawl Before! | GameBox

In the Mobile Legends game, resetting the season is indeed a challenging moment for players to start their struggle again in raising their rank level. Especially for players who play solo or in small parties, matchmaking can be difficult because you have to rely on luck to get a good team.

A comic who also became Brody at the STUN event, namely Uus, said that he was annoyed when he did a push rank at the start of the season after the reset. In his latest Twitter and Instagram posts, Uus advises players who are still using the dettol emblem to temporarily play Brawl mode before trying to push rank to a higher level. We know that the dettol emblem itself is less effective and can be detrimental to the team in the game.

“Please those who are ranking on Epic still use the Dettol emblem, it’s better to just play Brawl first. Poor friends who want to go to legends.” Uus said.

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It can be said that during the season reset we must have a party to play calmly, however, when playing a party we must be able to accept the consequences regarding the difficulty level of the enemy which is more difficult than usual. Therefore, it is important for players to constantly improve their skills and adapt to changes in the game.
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