News : Streaming Forever, Pewdiepie’s Twitch Channel Trials

Pewdiepie’s Twitch channel is back live broadcasting and causing a stir in the streaming world and Pewdiepie fans. We know that the creator is currently taking a break or can be said to be retiring from the world of content creating. However, suddenly the Twitch channel from Pewdiepie is streaming by processing its old content.

Despite being inactive for years, the channel has resurfaced with an “infinity stream” that fans have dubbed the “infinite money glitch” due to the amount of recycled content.

As pointed out on Twitter by Seth Fowler, PewDiePie has over 4,000 videos on YouTube. This can provide a nearly endless supply of content for looping on a Twitch channel.

PewDiePie has launched a Twitch stream called “PewDiePie infinity”, that endlessly plays every one of his videos on a loop.

With over 4000 Youtube videos posted, and over 3000 hours of content total, kind of an infinite money glitch..

— NRG Seth (@sethfowIer) March 27, 2023
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He has confirmed in the chat that this is acting as a test and that he will officially announce the channel at a later date.

It also appears that the chat/stream is manned by active mods at all times.

— NRG Seth (@sethfowIer) March 27, 2023

A message embedded in PewDiePie’s Twitch channel chat reveals that an endless loop of old videos is a test run. Content monetization company CoPilot Media published the message, stating that PewDiePie will make an official announcement about his channel soon.
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