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Ragnarok Origin is back with a fresh new version, bringing back classic memories! In just a few weeks, Ragnarok Origin, published by Gravity Game Hub, has reached 8 million pre-registrations! As a celebration of this achievement, we are proud to announce that the Official Launch will begin on April 6, 2023. This game will be available on various platforms such as iOS, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, and OPPO App Market, as well as PC clients. Players can pre-install the client and get instant access to the Midgard continent on April 6 at 00.00 WIB!

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Ragnarok Origin retains the classic gameplay from Ragnarok Online and perfectly recreates the mysterious continent of Midgard while reintroducing the six classic Jobs and Ragnarok Online’s signature Job System. However, this game departs from the conventional MMO gameplay and introduces an innovative gameplay style. A fun and relaxing leveling experience for players is provided through the AFK leveling system and card system. Apart from that, players can also enjoy a fun and unique gaming experience through the fashionable costume features, as well as cute pets and mounts. Ragnarok Origin Official Launch is coming soon! Along with the announcement of the official launch date, GGH also released an exclusive TVC video featuring Ragnarok Origin ambassador: Pevita Pearce. You can see gameplay footage in the video here!

As a young actress, Pevita Pearce has demonstrated extraordinary acting skills since starring in the film “Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan” at the age of 13. With Instagram followers reaching 14.47 million, he is also a gamer who enjoys playing mobile games in his spare time. As a Ragnarok Online player, Pevita Pearce is very enthusiastic about being appointed as the ambassador for Ragnarok Origin in Indonesia.

TVC Ragnarok Origin featuring Pevita Pearce is produced by the same team as the original TVC Ragnarok Online. The setting in the video is a re-engineered Izlude bar. Pevita Pearce’s role is that of a Lord Knight who reunites with his friends who used to play Ragnarok Online together. They will engage in a fight against Baphomet on the continent of Midgard, where the camera then shows a realistic and immersive environment, decorated with RO elements.

Ragnarok Online has brought together RO Mania from all over the world to interact with each other and create many unforgettable memories, just like “First Love”. And Ragnarok Origin was developed with this “First Love” concept. For old players, Gravity hopes this game will provide new encounters, while for new players, this game will provide a new experience.

Pre-Registration is still open and lots of prizes await RO Mania!

The Official Launch of Ragnarok Origin will start soon, and many interesting events await RO Mania which will surely bring back all the good memories! All players must first download the game client before the Official Launch starts. Currently the Ragnarok Origin Pre-Registration event is still ongoing, with lots of attractive prizes to be won! Register now through the official Ragnarok Origin website for the chance to get attractive prizes!

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