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Discussing CS2 With Its Audience, DrDisrespect: “Valorant Don’t Need To Worry About Counter-Str

DrDisrespect is a well-known streamer who is now active on YouTube after getting permanently banned from Twitch. In his latest stream, he discusses Counter-Strike 2 while waiting in line to enter the DayZ custom server he’s currently playing.

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Talking about shooter games, of course DrDisrespect has quite strong capabilities considering he plays a lot of shooter games such as H1Z1, PUBG, COD, Apex Legends, and others. He was also the community manager of Sledgehammer Games (Call of Duty). He thinks that Valorant doesn’t need to think too much about CS2 and just needs to focus on the game itself.

“If I were Valorant, I’d be like, ‘Okay, cool, let’s just focus on what we’re doing,'” he said on the stream. He also emphasized that it looks like the presence of CS2 will have an effect on the pro scene considering that many Valorant pro players have come from CSGO and might be able to return to CS2.



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