Mahfud Calls Supreme Court Secretary Must Be Examined over Alleged Money Laundering

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Chairman of the National Coordinating Committee for the Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering Crimes Mahfud MD revealed that the Secretary of the Supreme Court (MA) must be investigated on suspicion of money laundering.

This was conveyed by Mahfud at the Hearing Meeting (RDPU) with Commission III of the DPR RI, Wednesday (29/3) afternoon.

“How many luxury cars does the secretary of the Supreme Court have, the car is stored elsewhere, the license plate has been changed. It appears at the PPATK (Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center), it is money laundering. It must be investigated,” said Mahfud before members of the DPR’s Commission III.



Mahfud alluded to the Secretary of the Supreme Court when explaining the meaning and modus operandi of money laundering. He explained that money laundering is an act of hiding or disguising wealth (money/assets) obtained from the proceeds of crime.

The modus operandi includes ownership of shares in a company on behalf of the family, ownership of assets in the form of movable or immovable property on behalf of another party to using an account in the name of another person to store proceeds of crime.

“For a company like that to build a hotel, no one is buying the hotel but the assets are enormous. There are people entering, only Manati hotels but the money is hundreds of billions. So, that could be suspected of money laundering,” he said.

The MA secretary is currently held by Hasbi Hasan. He was mentioned in the case of alleged bribery in handling cases at the Supreme Court which was being investigated by the KPK.

Based on the indictment read out by the KPK prosecutor team at the Bandung Tipikor Court on January 18, Hasbi is said to have helped with the case management at the Supreme Court.

On March 25, 2022 at the Pancasila House, Jalan Semarang Indah Number 32, Tawangmas, West Semarang District, Semarang, advocate Yosep Parera and Intidana Savings and Loans Cooperative Debtor (KSP) Heryanto Tanaka met with Dadan Tri Yudianto (private sector) who was Hasbi’s liaison.

They discussed the management of case number: 326 K/Pid/2022 on behalf of Budiman Gandi Suparman (KSP Intidana administrator).

The next day, Yosep sent a letter dated March 23, 2022 regarding a request to the panel of judges examining Budiman’s case. For handling the case, Dadan asked Heryanto for money.

“Furthermore, Heryanto Tanaka ordered Na Sutikna Halim Wijaya to transfer money totaling IDR 11.2 billion,” said the KPK prosecutor in the indictment Yosep and Eko Suparno.

On April 4, 2022, the panel of cassation judges granted the public prosecutor’s appeal from the Semarang District Attorney and sentenced Budiman to five years in prison. The verdict was colored by a different opinion or dissenting opinion from chief justice Prim Haryadi.

The management of this matter dragged the chief judge Gazalba Saleh until it was prosecuted by the KPK. Gazalba joined the panel of cassation judges who sentenced Budiman to five years in prison.

The KPK stated that it would determine Hasbi Hasan’s legal status after the hearing on the alleged bribery case with the defendant Sudrajad Dimyati et al.

Long before this, the KPK had processed the law against former Supreme Court Secretary Nurhadi Abdurrachman in cases of alleged bribery, gratuities and money laundering.

Based on the Supreme Court decision number: 4147 K/Pid.Sus/2021 dated 24 December 2021, Nurhadi was sentenced to six years in prison in connection with the bribery and gratuity case.

As for the alleged money laundering, this case is still under investigation by the KPK.

In the RDPU this afternoon, member of Commission III of the DPR, the Gerindra Habiburokhman faction, had confirmed to Mahfud regarding the Secretary of the Supreme Court which was alluded to earlier. However, there was no answer from Mahfud.


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