John Legend Shares Recipes for Staying ‘Hot’ in Bed, Lock the Door!

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Maintaining a healthy sex life becomes quite difficult when you already have children. Singer John Legend has a secret so that his sex life with his wife, Chrissy Teigen, remains ‘hot’.

In a podcast, Legend says it’s important to lock your bedroom to keep your bed “warm.” This is to avoid distraction during sex.

“Our children have a way of finding their way into our rooms, so if we want to have fun, we have to lock the door,” Legend said as quoted by the Huffington Post.



The ‘All of Me’ singer admits she has tried to keep the ‘spark’ in bed since becoming a parent. Busy work and taking care of children has the potential to make lovemaking a mere routine.

Legend advises parents to really make time for being intimate together. Then don’t forget to keep making romantic gestures even though you are already a father and mother.

“If you let yourself get into a rut, you have to go on a date, do some things, do some fun things, do some romantic gestures,” he says.

Last January, the couple welcomed their third child, Esti Maxine Stephens. As reported by People, Legend announced the presence of Esti at a private concert.

On this occasion, he confided that he was sleep deprived but still felt energized after spending a long time in the hospital.


Meanwhile, parents can still have a healthy sex life like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. As reported by Every Mom, just do some practical tips as follows.

1. Exit the room

When sex feels like a routine, try changing locations. Make time for just a staycation on the weekend or take time for a vacation together.

2. Scheduled sex

When you become a parent, spontaneous sex will be more difficult and quite risky to be seen by children. We recommend that you schedule sex like you are scheduling an important meeting or meeting. Making love agenda makes you both more enthusiastic and have preparation.

3. Quicky?

Flash sex, aka quicky sex, is worth a try. Quicky is suitable for doing in the morning, just before activities or during the day when the children are napping.

4. Wear lingerie

For mothers, it may be a challenge to wear lingerie before giving birth. But your body is still sexy really for a hot session with your husband!

5. Update foreplay

Foreplay plays an important role in making love. Who says foreplay can only be done in the bedroom? Try starting with intimate messages while your husband is still at work. Husbands can start foreplay since morning by whispering sweet words before going to work.


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