Imsakiyah and Fajr Schedule Today Thursday 30 March 2023

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Muslims will experience the 8th day of the month of Ramadan 1444 Hijri today, Thursday (30/3). Entering the second week of the month of Ramadan, the time of imsak and dawn is increasingly shifting as the sun moves.

Muslims who practice fasting certainly know that imsak is the recommended time to finish eating and drinking or at dawn. Usually the imsak time will sound 10 minutes before the Fajr call to prayer.

To make it easier for Muslims to know today’s imsak schedule, summarizes the time for the imsak and the Fajr prayer.



Schedules for prayers, imsak, and breaking the fast have been posted on the official website of the Ministry of Religion

The imsak schedule for DKI Jakarta and its surroundings today falls at 04.31 WIB. Meanwhile, the morning call to prayer will resound at 04.41 WIB.

Shifting to the east, the city of Bandung will enter the imsak time at 04.28 WIB and dawn at 04.38 WIB. Imsak in Surabaya falls at 04.07 WIB, followed by dawn at 04.17 WIB.

Turning to the island of Sumatra, the residents of Banda Aceh will die at 05.14 WIB and at dawn at 05.24 WIB. In Medan City, the imsak falls at 05.01 WIB and dawn at 05.11 WIB.

Imsak in Palembang City occurred at 04.39 WIB, while dawn at 04.49 WIB. Meanwhile, the city of Padang will break down at 04.56 WIB and dawn at 05.06 WIB. Shifting to Lampung, precisely in the city of Bandar Lampung, the imsak will take place at 04.37 WIB and dawn at 04.42 WIB.

Entering the Island of the Gods, in Denpasar City the imsak takes place at 04.58 WITA, while dawn at 05.08 WITA. In Mataram, the time of imsak is at 04.54 WITA and dawn at 05.04 WITA.

Moving to Kalimantan Island, in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, the imsak took place at 04.49 and dawn at 04.59 WITA. Meanwhile, Muslims in Pontianak can attend the Fajr Prayer at 04.30 WITA and the imsak at 04.20 WITA

Increasingly shifting to the east, the imsak in Makassar shows the time of 04.40 WITA and dawn starts at 04.50 WITA. Whereas in Palu City the time of imsak is at 04.38 WITA and dawn at 04.48 WITA.

In Eastern Indonesia, to be precise in Ternate, North Maluku, the imsak takes effect at 05.07 WIT and dawn starts at 05.17 WIT. Meanwhile in Jayapura, the imsak will occur at 04.15 WIT and the Subuh Prayer at 04.25 WIT.

JAYAPURA Fasting Schedule InfographicPhoto: Basith Subastian/CNNIndonesia
JAYAPURA Fasting Schedule Infographic (dis/isn)

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