Get to know Diffuse Axonal Injury Experienced by David Victim Mario Dandy

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Cristalino David Ozora is said to have suffered a diffuse axonal injury after being abused by Mario Dandy Satriyo. This was conveyed by David’s attorney, Mellisa Anggraeni. What is David’s diffuse axonal injury condition?

“So the doctor said that David had a diffuse axonal injury,” said Mellisa when confirmed by, Wednesday (29/3).

Launching Medical News Today, diffuse axonal injury (DAI) or diffuse axonal injury is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) or traumatic brain injury. This term describes an injury that usually results from blunt trauma to the head and affects brain function.



This injury refers to a tear in the nerve fibers in the brain known as axons. This trauma usually occurs as a result of the brain experiencing rapid displacement within the skull, causing nerve fibers to stretch and tear.

The axon is the long, thread-like part of the neuron that conducts electrical impulses. The axon is responsible for communication between nerve cells.

Therefore, damage to the axons can interfere with their ability to communicate and help coordinate body functions, which can lead to severe disability.

Not only that, DAI is also the most common cause of coma, disability, and persistent vegetative conditions in TBI sufferers.

Clinically, health professionals define DAI as loss of consciousness that lasts 6 hours or more after injury. It can also cause behavioral, social, physical, and cognitive changes in a person that may be temporary or permanent.

DAI is more common in traumatic accidents that cause the brain to twist or move forward or backward within the skull. Typically, this type of trauma involves accelerating and decelerating movements.

If the impact or trauma received is strong enough, it can damage the axons, causing these nerve interconnections to malfunction or break and affect many areas of the brain.

The main causes of diffuse axonal injuries such as David’s experienced include:

– motor vehicle accidents,
– sports related accidents,
– violence,
– accidental falls, which are more common in the elderly,
– shaken baby syndrome.

Treatment of DAI is similar to treatment of other head injuries. The goal of emergency treatment for David’s diffuse axonal injury is to stabilize the patient’s condition and prevent the brain damage from worsening.

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