Commission III Members Protest Sri Mulyani’s Absent Meeting Discusses Rp349 T

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

A number of members of the DPR’s Commission III board protested that Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani was not present at the meeting which discussed the polemic on the Rp349 trillion odd transaction at the Ministry of Finance.

Member of Commission III of the DPR from the Gerindra Party faction Habiburokhman immediately interrupted immediately after the meeting was opened by Deputy Chairperson of Commission III of the DPR Ahmad Sahroni.

“What we invited was the Chairperson of the TPPU Committee, Mr. Mahfud, Secretary Mr. Ivan was present, and a member named Mrs. Sri Mulyani. I didn’t see them attend,” said Habib.



Habib questioned the reason for Sri Mulyani’s absence as a member of the TPPU Prevention Committee. He also asked the chairman of the meeting to ask for the approval of the meeting participants whether the meeting could continue even though Sri Mulyani was not present.

Members of Commission III from the PAN Fraction, Mulfachri, also protested Sri Mulyani’s absence. He said that this meeting should be able to clarify the polemic on the Rp349 trillion odd transaction.

“Because I agree with what was conveyed by the leadership, that this meeting should be able to clarify all matters related to the speculation that has developed in the community regarding this case,” he said.

Responding to this, Deputy Chairman of Commission III from the Golkar faction Adies Kadir said Sri Mulyani was currently chairing an economic meeting with ASEAN Finance Ministers. He said that the event could not be left behind.

“Regarding clarification, when the presence of TPPU member Bu Sri Mulyani is needed, we can hold a full meeting again,” Adies said.

In the end, the meeting continued without Sri Mulyani. Government representatives who attended were the Head of Prevention of ML Mahfud MD, Secretary of ML Prevention Ivan Yustiavandana, and Kabareskrim Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto.


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