Central Java is Still the Highest Region for Eid Mudik 2023

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The Police Traffic Corps (Korlantas) said that the Central Java region (Central Java) is still the area most people go to during the 2023 Lebaran homecoming.

The Director of Law Enforcement (Dirgakkum) Korlantas Polri Brigadier General Aan Suhanan said that it is estimated that there will be as many as 32.75 people who will travel to the Central Java region.



While East Java and West Java are in the next position with each predicted to accommodate 24.6 million and 20.72 travelers.

“The most targeted areas are Central Java, followed by East Java and West Java,” he told journalists, Wednesday (29/3).

Meanwhile, for the regions of origin of the travelers, Aan said that it is estimated that there will be 18 million people leaving the Jabodetabek area heading towards Sumatra and Java.

Korlantas Polri previously predicted that the density or peak of the 2023 Lebaran homecoming flow would start from April 18.

Aan said the estimate was because the government would advance the Joint Eid Leave from April 19.

“Yesterday, the Minister of Transportation suggested bringing the joint leave forward to 19 (April). So we predict that it will start to get crowded at 18 tonight,” he told reporters, Tuesday (28/3).

Furthermore, Aan said that the increase in the density of vehicles going home for Eid is expected to last until April 21.

“There is an increase until the 21st or H-1 (Eid), this is for the 22nd (date). For the 21st (date), they will return before the 21st (date), “he said.

Korlantas Polri also confirmed that it had prepared a number of traffic engineering options for the 2023 Ketupat Operation.

Some of the intended traffic engineering schemes range from contraflow to one way schemes. Furthermore, Firman said that the engineering scheme is also planned not only to be implemented on toll roads but in the area around Merak Port.

In addition, Korlantas also claimed to have conducted direct surveys of a number of homecoming routes starting from the South Coast Route, the North Coast, to the roads leading to Merak Port and Ciwandan Port.


(Gambas:Video CNN)

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