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The causes of motor crashes can vary, ranging from problems with the fuel system, electrical system, to engine conditions that have started to wear out.

If not treated immediately, this problem can get worse and be fatal for the driver.

Motor less maintained so the cause brebet

Motor less maintained so the cause brebet

Therefore, it is important to know the causes of motor crashes and how to overcome them to maintain driving safety and comfort.

Inside a motorbike there are many moving components and parts that have to work hard while the engine is running.

Because it is used continuously, the performance of some components can decrease its ability.

The brebet motor is actually an indication that some of the favorite motorbike components are starting to have problems and a sign that they need to be serviced.

This brebet symptom usually appears when the motor is running and the gas grip starts to play deeper.

Motor pull became choked up and in some cases the motor even died and broke down.

Try to imagine, for example, experiencing a motorbike crash when you overtake a vehicle or are in the middle of a highway, of course it can be really dangerous.

Some of the Carmudians are surely still confused about the reason why their favorite motorbike can crash.

Actually, some of the causes are not due to serious problems but need immediate treatment.

If left alone, the motor feels uncomfortable and the damage can spread to other parts.

A flurry of motors is suddenly quite dangerous

A flurry of motors is suddenly quite dangerous

In general, the cause of motor crashes is due to the comparison of the composition in the combustion chamber not according to standards.

This is because the type of fuel that is not suitable and automatically makes the engine combustion less than perfect.

There are several other causes of motor crashes that Carmudian must know so that later he can make repairs quickly.

This handling method can also be used as a prevention so that the motor no longer buckles when gassed at high or low rpm.

Curious what causes it? Come on, let’s review further.

Improper Fuel

The use of inappropriate fuel is a common cause of motorized vehicles. (Photo: Shell Indonesia)

The use of inappropriate fuel is a common cause of motorized vehicles.

Many motorbike owners deliberately use fuel that is not in accordance with the standards set by the manufacturer on the grounds that it is more economical.

On average, motorists prefer cheap fuel, such as Pertalite or Premium.

In fact, every manufacturer has set fuel standards according to the compression ratio of the engine.

Even some of the newest motorbikes have to use Pertamax to make it more optimal in terms of engine combustion.

If you are still desperate to use substandard fuel, get ready for your favorite iron horse to ‘cough’.

Crashes like this occur due to knocking on the engine which causes the motor to crash.

For that, check the owner’s manual or find out the compression of your motorbike’s engine and what the right fuel is.

By using the appropriate fuel and recommended by the manufacturer, the brebet symptoms can disappear.

Spark Plug Start Soak

Motorcycle spark plugs that are bad should be replaced with new ones so that the motorbike's performance remains optimal

Motorcycle spark plugs that are bad should be replaced with new ones so that the motorbike’s performance remains optimal

The next cause that can make the motor crash is because the spark plug is starting to get weak.

The flow of electricity cannot be converted perfectly, causing a flame arc in the combustion chamber.

A weakened fire certainly makes the combustion not optimal so that brebet symptoms appear.

If the spark plug is not in prime condition, such as dirty, too tenuous or even damaged, the combustion in the engine room will be less than perfect.

To overcome this, make sure the condition of the spark plug is still good.

Spark plugs that are not good or dirty, make combustion stagnant and imperfect.

If you see a lot of black soot, try cleaning the spark plug until it’s clean first then replace it.

But if the problem is still there, you should just replace the spark plug with a new one.

Before reinstalling, don’t forget to check the spark plug gap if it is too loose or normal.

As a benchmark, if the gap between the spark plugs is more than 1 mm, we recommend replacing them with new ones.

When replacing spark plugs, choose a cooler type, for example NGK7 is replaced by 8 or 9, this is because cold spark plugs are more resistant.

Dirty Air Filter

The Honda Beat filter must be replaced every 16 thousand kilometers

The Honda Beat filter must be replaced every 16 thousand kilometers

The cause of this one broken motor is actually easy to overcome.

With use, the air filter gets dirty over time because it filters dust from the air that enters the fuel chamber.

Well, if this accumulated dust is allowed to clog up the air filter gaps.

As a result, the injector or carburetor cannot suck air optimally.

You need to know, the service life of the air filter according to the owner’s manual reaches a distance of 16 thousand kilometers.

This use is faster when in urban areas or industrial areas where there is a lot of dust.

A clogged air filter can cause the motor to crash and the engine to suddenly die.

You have to be diligent in cleaning it so that the combustion system remains perfect and keeps the motorbike’s pace comfortable.

The foam type filter does not need to be replaced but can be simply washed. To be safer, filter replacement is done once a year or about 12 thousand kilometers.

Water and Dirt Enter the Tank

Yamaha YZF-R1

Water mixed with gasoline will result in less fuel entering the combustion chamber. (Photo: Illustration)

The cause of this one is definitely a hassle, because you have to check one by one the causes of brebet.

If it is true that there is water in the fuel, then you have to drain the tank.

Water mixed with gasoline will result in less fuel entering the combustion chamber.

This makes the combustion does not take place perfectly.

Usually, apart from draining the tank, you also need to clean or replace the fuel filter that has had water in it.

Usually, water can enter the tank when washing the motorbike or buying retail gasoline, not at gas stations.

Retail petrol kiosks sometimes sell fuel that is not good enough.

This causes the motor tank to contain water and dirt deposits.

If left unchecked, it can cause scale and can clog the fuel that will be distributed to the carburetor or injector.

Incorrect Valve and Stationary Settings

Adjust the Yamaha Jupiter valve

Adjust the Yamaha Jupiter valve

Brebet problems can arise due to improper valve adjustment tension.

When the valve setting is too tight or too loose, it will affect the amount of gas entering the combustion chamber of the engine.

This problem needs to be taken to a trusted mechanic to solve it.

With use, the valve tension can change or shift due to continuous engine rotation.

Usually during routine servicing, the mechanic will reset the valve again according to the gap.

Don’t just choose a repair shop, because in adjusting the motorbike valve special experience is needed to make the motorbike’s performance always optimal.

One set, even making the valve collide with the cylinder.

Instead of making the motorbike’s performance optimal, setting it wrong will only add to the problem because you have to replace damaged valves and even cylinders if the surface is dented.

Injection Motor Service

Stationary or slow motorbikes that are too small can make the motorbike pull hard too, you know.

This is because the air and gasoline mixture in the injector or carburetor is not quite right.

If Carmudian doesn’t have the right feeling in stationary settings, you should also trust the regular mechanics during routine servicing.

This stationary adjustment can be done by yourself, as long as you have the calculations or experience in estimating how many rounds are right.

For scooters, the ideal engine speed range is between 1,600-1,800 rpm.

With settings according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the effect is smooth oil circulation and fuel economy.

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