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A car air conditioner that isn’t cold can be caused by various factors, one of which is a leak or reduced amount of freon in the car’s cooling system.

Freon is a very important substance in keeping the air temperature in the car air conditioner cool and comfortable.

Losing freon in a car air conditioner can cause a decrease in cooling performance and even damage to the cooling system.

Therefore, it is important for car owners to know the characteristics of a leaking or reduced freon so they can take appropriate action and maintain comfort while driving.

Illustration of a car air conditioner (Photo: CarBrain)

One of the functions of freon is to apply pressure to the pressure switch system.

That’s why when the contents run out, the pressure received becomes weak.

The pressure switch function does not work optimally as a result of receiving reduced pressure.

The lack of pressure makes the switch unable to connect so the magnetic clutch relay does not work.

This then results in the AC compressor not rotating. The resulting wind is not cold and refreshing.

Characteristics of Car AC Freon Reduced

Illustration of charging a car AC freon (Photo: Bluegrassprecision)

To find out if the AC freon is leaking or reduced, Kelvin Ong as the Head of the Bintaro Rotary Car AC Workshop gives brief instructions about its characteristics.

Here’s the explanation:

The cold air that is released decreases. There is a continuous hissing sound when the car air conditioner is turned on. Generally during the day it feels more like the car’s air conditioner is not cold enough because the weather outside the car is hot. But if you drive in the morning or at night after coming home from work (the air conditioner is not cold enough) you almost don’t feel it because the surroundings of the car are cold and the roads are smooth. So the performance is lighter. Freon lacks an indication that the car’s air conditioner is on the right or vice versa, the cold temperature that is released is different. Rear AC too.

In maintaining the performance and reliability of the car air conditioning cooling system, maintaining the right amount of freon is very important.

When there is a leak or reduced amount of freon, characteristics such as air that is not cold or abnormal AC operation can occur.

Therefore, immediately carry out inspection and repair if you suspect a freon leak in your car’s air conditioner.

By maintaining the stability of the freon, the car air conditioner will continue to function optimally and provide the comfort needed while driving.

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