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Jakarta — PT Bridgestone Tire Indonesia (Bridgestone) is participating in educating the public by sharing some tips that can be used before going home, especially for those who want to go home by private car.

This education is expected to provide a sense of security and comfort for people who travel.

Mukiat Sutikno, President Director of Bridgestone Indonesia, said that activities to remind the public will continue to be carried out.

“For this reason, we always remind our customers to carefully prepare for going home through practical driving safety tips,” he said Wednesday (29/3/2023).

bridgestone homecoming tips

He further said that the number of vehicles leaving Jabodetabek this time around will reach 2.2 million.

This number is predicted to increase by 2.8% compared to 2022.

The high volume of these vehicles certainly makes travelers who use cars have to be extra careful.

This is what makes Bridgestone intensively remind the public to focus on safety.

Fisa Rizqiano, Deputy Head of OE Sales for Bridgestone Indonesia said there are 4 tips that can be used as a reference for those who want to travel back and forth.

Check Completeness of Letters

Make sure Carmudian travels back and forth using a vehicle with valid STNK, tax and valid SIM.

Don’t forget to check the validity period of the vehicle insurance which can be useful when traveling long distances.

Prepare Cash

In this modern era, many people don’t have cash when traveling. Try to still have cash when you go home later.

bridgestone homecoming tips

(Foto: Lucky Penny Cycles)

This aims to guard against emergency needs that require you to spend cash.

Also make sure that the balance of electronic money is more than enough to travel.

Don’t run out of balance when you want to tap in or tap out on toll roads.

Badan Fit

Before starting your homecoming trip, it’s a good idea to fulfill your body’s nutritional and fluid intake before going home.

Make sure your body is fit when traveling back and forth, especially in the fasting month like this.

Check Tire Condition

Check the condition of your car tires through the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI), which is a sign of tire wear.

Check the tread, sides, slats, small triangles, and all other parts of the tire.

“The tire marks must be replaced, namely they are no longer parallel to each other,” he said on the same occasion.

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Editor: Dimas

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