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Do you want to know how to make a smooth car engine?

Your car’s engine is the most important part of your vehicle, and keeping it running smoothly is key to ensuring your vehicle runs well and lasts a long time.

There are several factors that affect the smoothness of a car engine, such as the type of fuel used, the quality of the oil, and the frequency of engine maintenance.

In this article, we’ll cover how to make a smooth car engine with some useful tips and tricks.

So, if you want to learn how to keep your car’s engine running smooth and durable, keep reading this article.

how to make a smooth car engine

Example of an electric car engine room. (Photo: Hella)

How to Make a Smooth Car Engine

How to make a smooth car engine is actually very doable.

Usually car engines get rougher after a few years of use.

For some people, this rougher car engine sometimes makes it uncomfortable.

Because a rough car engine can cause vibrations to the steering wheel.

If it’s like this, it’s clear that driving comfort is slightly reduced.

However, it must be known that a rough car engine is usually caused by the driver himself. How come?

You can. It’s possible that the car owner neglected to do routine maintenance.

Or it could also be that the car owner uses non-original spare parts as recommended by the manufacturer.

For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to the condition of the car before the car becomes rough.

So, what are the things that can make a car engine smoother?

What causes a car engine to become rougher?

Let’s discuss it together, so Carmudian can find out the source.

Use Oil that Matches Specs

One of the causes of a car engine not being smooth is faulty engine oil. Many car users use oil that does not meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Usually those who don’t use these specs are more after low prices. The oil that is purchased is only cheap, but does not follow the recommended recommendations.

how to make a smooth car engine

This is one of the reasons the car engine becomes rougher. Using the wrong oil makes the engine rougher.

Oil that does not meet the specifications makes the internal lubrication of the engine imperfect. We recommend that if it becomes rougher, do a total tune up or replace all the oils in the car.

For example changing engine oil, transmission oil, axle oil, brake oil and power steering oil. Oil that is not good enough can also cause a car engine to become rougher.

For cars that are more than 7 years old, you can use oil with a thicker viscosity. The goal is to smooth the vibration of the engine when it’s on.

Make sure the AC Components are Clean

Components in the air conditioner greatly affect the vibration of the car. Usually, an AC compressor that is about to be damaged will cause quite noisy symptoms.

As much as possible, keep the AC components in top shape. For example cleaning the AC compressor, draining the AC compressor oil and cleaning the condenser regularly.

how to make a smooth car engine

Car ac servicing costs

If the AC components are clean and primed, the engine performance will not be too heavy. Usually the AC compressor is damaged because it is rarely maintained properly.

Drain the AC compressor regularly, for example 1 year 2 times. Usually, for an AC compressor oil drain, the cost is also not too expensive, around Rp. 350,000, including filling the freon.

It’s better to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for servicing than repairing AC components, which can amount to millions of rupiah. A clean and cold air conditioner also adds to driving comfort, Carmudian!

Check the Outer Components of the Machine

The next way to make a car engine smoother is to check the external components of the engine. Machines that get rough sometimes are not caused by the inside of the machine.

The outside of the engine can also be the cause of the car’s engine being rough. For example fan belt tensioners, fan belts, pulleys, alternators, and cooling fans can also cause the engine to become rough.

Honda Accord Facelift 2021

Honda Accord Facelift engine (Photo: Paultan)

For that it is very important to see the components that are outside of the engine. For example, a weak power steering pump can also make the engine rough.

Or it could also be that the cooling fan or extra fan has weakened so that it vibrates. If the Carmudian car is getting a bit rough, try checking some of the sections above. Who knows, it’s already old and damaged and replaced periodically.

Other causes can be caused by mounting or cradle. There are several mountings in the car.

Such as engine mounting (engine mount), gearbox mounting (transmission mount) or mounting support (suspension mount). If the car engine becomes rough and vibrates, check some of the mountings mentioned above.

In general, these mountings must also be replaced periodically. Relax, the replacement is also not done every year anyway.

Usually these mountings will break when the car is more than 7 years old. So, the replacement of this component can be 10 years. The price is a bit expensive, but these components are very durable and rarely damaged.

If the mounting breaks prematurely, it’s a good idea to think about how you drive. Because there are several causes of damage to this mount.

The first is that cars are often made to carry more weight. Then cars that often pass through damaged roads at rather fast speeds can also be a cause.

The last cause is reckless driving. Try to be more affectionate with the car when passing through damaged or bad roads.

President Jokowi releases B30 fuel, which is expected to save tens of trillions of foreign exchange.

President Jokowi releases B30 fuel, which is expected to save tens of trillions of foreign exchange.

By walking more slowly when driving through damaged roads, Carmudian has kept the engine components and legs longer. The more often tortured, the faster the damage to the components mentioned above.

Incorrect use of fuel

Another factor that causes a car engine to be rough can also be caused by the wrong use of fuel.

Modern cars usually have a fairly high compression. So it requires fuel with a minimum octane of 92.

However, many Indonesians refuel their cars with octane that is not recommended. As a result, many car engines become damaged quickly, tickle and become rough compared to when they were new.

Those who filled the fuel incorrectly sometimes blamed the producer because it was considered to be of poor quality. Even though it’s actually the fault of the car owner himself who uses fuel not as recommended.

Don’t believe? Just look at the gas station while refueling. The majority of many luxury cars are still refueling that does not meet specifications.

Gasoline 7

Dispenser or refueling machine. Foto/Nitoba/Ben

Be it a diesel engine or a petrol engine. It’s fine to refuel any kind of fuel for your own car.

But it would be nice if the car owner is also aware of the use of fuel used. The recommended fuel can make the car engine smoother.

If Carmudian cars are required to drink at least 92 octane, try to use that fuel. The higher the octane, the better, as long as it’s not below the recommended number.

Actually how to make a car engine smoother is quite easy to do. It’s just that many maintenance errors come from the owner himself.

Originally wanted to repair cheaply. However, in the future, more problems arise, thus making the expenditure even greater.

The most important thing is to do regular car maintenance. The goal is to be able to see components that are time to be replaced to be rejuvenated.

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