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Information about toll rates on Java Island is one of the most sought-after things by the public, especially approaching the Eid homecoming season.

The reason is, going home has become a tradition for the majority of Indonesian people.

Java toll rates

Illustration of the Trans Java toll road.

If you look at the population, Java Island is still the island with the largest population in Indonesia.

It is not surprising that there will be more homecoming travel activities on the island of Java.

In recent years, it has been observed that many people travel back and forth using private cars.

One of the reasons is that there are already many toll roads that reach cities on the island of Java.

This massive infrastructure development by the Government has made many people want to try to travel long distances by car.

Even this year it is predicted that users of land transportation modes will increasingly dominate homecoming trips.

Most of the vehicles will certainly pass through the toll roads in Java.

According to the Transportation Policy Agency Survey of the Ministry of Transportation, it is predicted that there will be 27.32 million people who will go home using private cars, one of which could be Carmudian.

Java toll rates

Illustration of Java toll rates (Photo: Freepik)

If you look at the toll rates in Java, most of them still have the same rates as last year. However, we tried to access the website of the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) to get more detailed information.

Next, we describe the toll rates on the island of Java for class 1 or private cars.

Merak-East Java Toll Tariff 2023

Merak – Cikupa Route IDR 53,500 Tangerang – Jakarta IDR 8,000 Jakarta – Cikampek IDR 20,000 (via MBZ Elevated Toll Road) Cikopo – Palimanan IDR 119,000 Palimanan – Kanci IDR 12,500 Kanci – Pejagan IDR 29,500 Pejagan – Pemalang IDR 60,000 Pemalang – Batang IDR 40,000 Batang – Semarang IDR 86,000 Semarang ABC section IDR 5,000 (open transaction system) Semarang – Solo IDR 60,000 Solo – Ngawi IDR 100,000 Ngawi – Kertosono IDR 91,000 Jombang – Mojokerto IDR 49,000 Mojokerto – Surabaya IDR 39,000

Surabaya-Gempol Toll Fares

Price Route Dupak-Waru (Open System) IDR 5,000 Waru-Porong IDR 9,000 Sidoarjo-Porong IDR 5,500 Porong-Kejapanan Section IDR 6,000 Kejapanan-Gempol Section IDR 3,000

Gempol-Pandaan Toll Fares

Price Route (Rp) Gempol IC – Gempol JC 3,000 Gempol IC – Pandaan IC 11,500 Gempol IC – Pandaan 13,000 Gempol JC – Pandaan IC 8,500 Gempol JC – Pandaan 10,000 Pandaan IC – Pandaan 1,500

Pandaan-Malang Toll Fares

Route Price (Rp) Pandaan – Purwodadi 14,000 Pandaan – Lawang 21,000 Pandaan – Singosari 27,500 Pandaan – Pakis 32,000 Pandaan – Malang 32,000

*data accessed as of Tuesday (28/3/2023) on the official BPJT PUPR website

The list above is the toll fare from Merak to the city of Malang, East Java, which we have accessed as of Tuesday (28/3/2023) on the official BPJT PUPR website.

Java toll rates

Illustration of the Central Java Exit Toll Gate. (Photo: Wikipedia)

In total, the toll fare for passing Trans Java from Merak to Malang is in the range of Rp. 781 thousand.

This means that as a vehicle owner you are required to provide an electronic card balance in the car of at least IDR 800 thousand to IDR 1 million for one trip so you don’t run out of balance.

Meanwhile, we also show the estimate that must be incurred by car drivers to travel via the Jakarta-West Java toll road to Nagreg via the Cileunyi Toll Road.

This route will usually be used by those who will travel to the South such as Garut, Tasikmalaya, Banjar, Cilacap, and other cities.

Jakarta – Nagreg Toll Fares, West Java

Price Route Jakarta – Cikampek (via flyover MBZ) IDR 20,000 Jakarta – Bandung exit Padalarang IDR 63,000 Jakarta – Bandung exit Baros IDR 64,500 Jakarta – Bandung exit Pasteur IDR 66,000 Jakarta – Bandung exit Pasir Koja IDR 67,000 Jakarta – Bandung exit Kopo IDR 67,500 Jakarta – Bandung comes out Moh Toha IDR 67,500 Jakarta – Bandung comes out Stone Fruit IDR 68,500 Jakarta – Bandung comes out Cileunyi IDR 72,500

*data accessed as of Tuesday (28/3/2023) on the official BPJT PUPR website

Travel over the toll

In total, the costs that car owners have to incur to travel from the Jakarta toll road to Cileunyi, West Java, are in the range of Rp. 90,000 to Rp. 100,000 for one trip.

Toll Road Emergency Number

Route Telephone Number Jakarta – Tangerang 14080 Jakarta – Cikampek 14080 Tangerang – Merak 0254 207878 Pejagan – East Brebes 0231 8638807 Kanci – Pejagan 02883900008 Purwakarta – Bandung – Cileunyi 14080 Palimanan – Kanci 0231 484268 Semarang Gempol – Pandaan 0343 5650729 Cikampek – Palimanan 0260 7600600 Solo – Ngawi 0271 6882222 Ngawi – Kertosono 08113373301 Kertosono – Mojokerto 0321 888123 Surabaya – Mojokerto 031 7879999 / 082211826677 Surabaya – Gempol 031 7879999 / 031 7878080 Gempol – Pasuruan 0343 6431177 Pasuruan – Probolinggo 0335 8111777 Jombang – Mojokerto 0231 888123 Belmera 0616 611701 Surabaya 031 7879999 / 031 7878080

Police Emergency Number

Police Name Telephone Number Ditlantas Polri 021 7989702 Jonggol Sector Police 021 89931174 Merak Police Station 0254 571210 Karawang Sector Police 0267 402204 Karawang City Police Pekalongan 0285 91023 Kendal Police 0294 381512 Kudus Police 0291 433008 Tuban Police 0356 322022 Gresik Police 031 3981020 Probolinggo Police 0335 420925

Tips for Traveling Homecoming

After knowing the range of toll rates on the island of Java, Carmudian should know tips before making a trip back and forth.

There are several things that you should pay attention to before going on a long trip. Here we describe below.

Check Machine Condition

Make sure before going on a long trip the car engine is in good condition. Check all components on the machine such as air conditioning, electricity, to the cooling system in the car.


If the tires attached to the car are observed to be bald, it should be replaced first so that it is safe to travel. Also make sure the wind pressure is in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations when driving.

Oh yeah, also check the condition of the spare tire in the car. This spare tire is also a vital component that must be checked and carried on long trips.

Learn Routes

If you’ve never made a long trip to that place, be sure to study the route that will be passed first. The goal is that you know more about the direction to get to your destination.

Google Maps illustration

Google Maps illustration (Photo: India Times)

Also check the availability of existing homecoming posts and don’t forget to take advantage of these facilities. Also monitor congestion points that are usually on the way.

Take care of your emotions

Take care of your emotions while driving. The emotion here is to hold back from pressing the gas pedal or the brake pedal too deep while driving.

Also know how to overtake and make sure to always keep your distance from the vehicle in front of us so we can be safer during the trip.

So, those are some things you can do when you travel back and forth. Don’t forget to always fill in and prepare your electronic card balance when you want to pay fares along the Trans Java toll road.

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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