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Hello Boxers! This time, the KotakGame crew have tried the latest remake game from Resident Evil 4 and thanks also to Capcom for giving us the opportunity to try this game. Resident Evil 4 might be considered as one of the best Resident Evil games because in terms of gameplay, characters and story, they were good when they were released on PS2.

Until finally, Resident Evil 4 got a remake and the results certainly got a positive response from gamers who have played this game. So, are you curious about why Resident Evil 4 is still the game of choice for gamers? Coincidentally, the KotakGame crew also wants to review this game, rather than taking a long time, let’s get straight to the point!

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Back To Being A Handsome Cop To Find The President’s Son

Just a little story for those of you who don’t know, we are here to play the handsome policeman, namely Leon S Kennedy who is assigned to find Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter who if you’ve played with him, you already know what it’s like. The story is set 6 years after the chaos that occurred in Racoon City, where Leon has been assigned to find the president’s son who has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult.

However, it seems that an unexpected incident occurred during his mission trip, where Leon had to be stranded in a village with unfriendly residents, making Leon have to face them first to save Ashley. So, of course, there are lots of other things to go through, so if you’re new to this game, get ready!

Improved Graphics Makes It Even More Horror

It’s called a remake, of course we already expect that the graphics presented will improve a lot. Of course, there is no doubt about this, when we try to play it, the details, textures and framerate increase. Coupled with the Ray Tracing feature which makes the graphics feel more immersive.

As for the atmosphere itself, it now feels more spooky than the first (maybe because the graphics are better and more detailed). But, because we’re playing it on the PS5 version, the graphic settings might be a bit limited. If you play on the PC version, maybe the graphic settings can be even wider compared to the PS version, even the framerate can be higher by activating the FSR or DLSS features.

So far, the spookiness has really been felt with great graphics, especially when we are people who are surprised, so we are often surprised when we play. The way to play itself is more varied, of course, compared to before. Even the knife here can break, so be careful and love your knife, because it will come in handy when you need it.

There are also several places that are slightly different from their predecessors, such as the stairs going down to the house in the first house, so we might be able to explore further, but yes, the name is underground, dark and if there is a surprise, the damage is ++.

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