Residents’ Testimonies: Former KY Chairman Jaja Ahmad was hacked with sickles

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

A resident of the Griya Bandung Asri Housing Complex (GBA), Dion (59) revealed that the weapon used by the perpetrator in the stabbing of the former Chairman of the Judicial Commission (KY) Jaja Ahmad Jayus was of the sickle type.

“Because Pak Haji (Jaja Ahmad) when he was brought to the hospital, he spoke to me that the sickle (which was used by the perpetrator) was in the kitchen (back of the house),” Dion said as quoted by Antara, Tuesday (28/3).

He also revealed the condition of Jaja Ahmad Jayus and his daughter after they became victims of stabbing.



Jaja and her daughter, 22-year-old Rahmi Dwi Utami, suffered stab wounds to the head, neck and arms.

“I saw him after the incident and was about to evacuate, the two victims had many injuries and were covered in blood, full of blood and maybe if they were a little late they could die,” said Dion.

At the time of the incident, Dion suspected that the condition of the victim’s house was deserted where Jaja, who now works as a lecturer, just returned home with his daughter, while his wife was teaching at a university in Bandung.

“So when the incident happened there were only two of them and when they were evacuated they were in front of the house,” said Dion.

Dion received information that the perpetrator was chased by several neighbors who saw the incident.
However, the perpetrator, who was suspected of being alone, managed to escape because he scared the residents by brandishing a sharp weapon.

Jaja himself did not know for sure whether the victim’s residence was damaged or there was a loss due to the incident, considering that he evacuated the victim to Mayapada Buah Batu Hospital, Bandung.

“I don’t know the exact condition of my house, because my focus and that of other residents is the safety of Pak Haji and Tami to get help immediately,” said Dion.

Previously, the stabbing case that befell Jaja was known to have occurred around 15.00 WIB. Before being stabbed, it was suspected that the victim was followed by the perpetrator to the victim’s house before being attacked with a sharp weapon.

The former KY chairman’s house is in the GBA Block F complex, which is located on the border between Bandung Regency and Bandung City.

From the information gathered, the two victims are still being treated by the Mayapada Hospital, Buah Batu, Bandung.


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