Prediction of Indonesia vs Burundi Julid 2 on FIFA Matchday

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The Indonesian national team will face resistance from Burundi in the second FIFA Matchday duel at the Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Tuesday (28/3) evening. The following is the prediction for Indonesia vs Burundi on FIFA Matchday.

This second match will not be the same as the first match. Burundi is said to be coach Shin Tae Yong will field their main players, including Saido Berahino.

In contrast to the first match, last weekend, at that time Burundi played a back-up player. Because of that, the Indonesian national team could comfortably play in the first round until they won 3-0.



But the game changed in the second half. Burundi took control of the game and could score goals to reduce the position to 1-3.

Indonesia should be wary of Burundi for this second match. Being solid in defense and compact in attack could be the key for the Red and White Team to win again in order to increase their ranking in the FIFA rankings.

Draw in Second Game (Nova Arifianto)

The quality of Burundi will be different from the first match, thus changing the strength map of the Intamba squad as a whole. The attack line will also have more breaking power so that it will test Indonesia’s defense.

Taking advantage of opportunities will be crucial for the hosts. If he returns to performing like in the first fight, then it will be good news for Shin who might make some changes.

I predict the second volume of Indonesia vs Burundi will end with a score of 2-2.

Indonesian National Team Hajar Burundi with a Thin Score (Muhammad Rizki H)

The Indonesian national team is likely to still rely on a starter formation like against Burundi in the first match.

The starter formation chosen by STY in the first match proved to be successful in making Indonesia take the lead quickly and lead 3-0 in the first half.

In my opinion, STY should maintain this formation to face Burundi in the second match. Maybe in the goalkeeper position STY can make changes by including Nadeo Argawinata.

But the Indonesian national team must be vigilant because Burundi can already read Indonesia’s style of play. I predict Indonesia will beat Burundi 1-0.

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