Police: The perpetrators of the stabbing of the former head of the KY allegedly acted alone

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The perpetrator of the stabbing, Chairman of the Judicial Commission (KY) for the 2018-2020 period, Jaja Ahmad Jayus, allegedly acted alone.

West Java Regional Police Public Relations Head Kombes Pol Ibrahim Tompo said the stabbing perpetrators had stalked the victim before acting.

“It is suspected that one of the perpetrators was using a white Honda beat carbo motorcycle. It is suspected that the victim was being stalked by an outside perpetrator,” said Ibrahim, Tuesday (28/3).



Ibrahim explained that the perpetrator immediately attacked the victim when he got out of his car. The victims, namely Jaja Ahmad Jayus and their daughter Rahmi Dwi Utami, suffered injuries to the head and back of the neck.

The injured victim was taken by residents to Mayapada Bandung Hospital and is currently under medical treatment.

Bandung Police Chief Kombes Kusworo Wibowo said the incident occurred at 15.00 WIB at the Griya Bandung Asri Complex (GBA) Block F.

“It’s true and it’s already being handled by the Bandung Police,” said Kusworo.

Kusworo confirmed that the Jaja stabbing case is now being handled by the Bandung Police Criminal Investigation Unit. Now the police have launched an investigation.

Jaja is the Chair of the Judicial Commission who served from July 2018 to December 2020. It is known that Jaja is a resident who lives in Bandung.

Jaja was elected as a Member of the Judicial Commission (KY) for two periods, namely 2010-2015 and 2015-2020.


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