Not Making Love During Ramadan Turns Out to Bring Benefits

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Ramadan actually does not require married couples to stop making love. Intimacy is okay to do, as long as it is outside the fasting time.

However, if you want, you can actually choose to ‘fast sex’ or not have sex during Ramadan. Fasting sex actually provides benefits to the body.

In a recent interview, Kourtney Kardashian opened up about the new ‘Kardashian’ program. She also did not hesitate to tell her sex life with her husband, Travis Barker. Both had tried fasting sex.



This sounds strange considering they are a couple who do not hesitate to indulge in public intimacy. However, he admitted, sexual fasting proved to bring benefits.

“Actually it makes everything better. Like, if you can’t drink caffeine, when you first drink matcha, it’s really good,” Kardashian said as reported by Bustle.

Sexual fasting is part of Ayurveda or a form of traditional Indian medicine to remove toxins from the body. Fasting sex means deliberately choosing not to make love.

From the point of view of experts, apparently fasting sex does provide benefits. Marianne Johnson, psychotherapist and counselor, says that therapists sometimes use a method called sensation focus to make intimacy more intense.

In this method, the partner is asked not to make love with penetration and focus on other sensory experiences.

“Gradually, partners build a more intimate touch and eventually have sex,” Johnson said, as quoted by Dazed.

Such methods are useful for reducing the focus on goal-oriented sex. In this case, orgasm is one of the most common sexual goals.

By pursuing these goals, couples can try various ways to be able to enjoy an orgasm. As a result, the couple does not enjoy the ongoing process that can trigger anxiety.

I love you more than you could ever imagineIllustration. There is nothing wrong if you want to do ‘fasting sex’ during the month of Ramadan. (istockphoto/PeopleImages)

Johnson said, taking breaks from penetrative sex is done so that partners understand more about their arousal process. Couples can also be more skilled at communicating and working together through process after process.

In addition, giving pause to make love also allows you to feel something by focusing on the moment.

“Removing sex can recharge your ability to feel things, increase your sensitivity to the sensations they contain and allow for more intense experiences,” he says.

How, want to try fasting sex?


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