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OBS Studio, the most popular software for recording and streaming video to platforms like Twitch or YouTube, will finally allow gamers to benefit from powerful video coding technology.

AV1 is a royalty-free and video codec that allows up to 30% more efficient streaming at the same quality as HEVC. This means less bandwidth is required to share the same quality of content. This codec decoding support has now been extended to all modern GPUs and APUs.

Recent graphics architectures such as AMD RDNA3, NVIDIA Ada Lovelace and Intel Xe-HPG can now also encode video in this format, but support for streaming video is lacking. So far, software like OBS can only record video, but there’s no way to share AV1 content directly.

The upcoming OBS Studio 29.1 update will finally allow AV1 and HEVC streaming to YouTube. Neither YouTube nor Twitch or Discord allow AV1 streaming, but this has changed over the last few months. Gamers are still allowed to upload AV1 videos for video platforms to convert to compatible codecs, but there’s no way to stream them live.

Sumber: OBS Github

Discord was the first major platform to enable AV1 streaming, but support is limited to the GeForce RTX 40 series only. Videos will be served as native or converted AV1 streams for users without decoding capabilities on their machine. The same method is expected from YouTube streams.

According to the changelog, the feature has been tested with NVIDIA NVENC and Intel encoders up to 4K 60 FPS, but there’s no mention of support for AMD. It’s also worth noting that AV1’s YouTube stream is still in BETA, so it may not be production-ready yet.

The OBS Studio 29.1 milestone is 92% complete, but AV1/HEVC streaming enablement for YouTube is fully implemented. Software updates should be released after all open issues have been closed.

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