It is very important to check these 6 parts of the car air conditioner before going home –

Towards the end of the fasting month, many people want to travel back and forth, so it is very important to check the car’s air conditioner so that they stay comfortable on the road.

This is so that during the homecoming trip the car’s AC continues to run normally.

Scuto Xpress Depok said that there should be 6 car air conditioning components that must be checked before going home.

Compressor Pressure

The pressure on the compressor must be checked before traveling back and forth.

According to Scuto Xpress Depok, ideal compressor pressure is 30 psi for single blowers and 40 psi for double blowers.

Checking can be done using a tool in the form of a hose to check low pressure and high pressure.

If damage is observed, the indicator on the tool will notify you.


Checking the freon of the car’s AC is also a must before making a trip back and forth.

Make sure the freon in the car’s AC system is maintained at its capacity and doesn’t experience a reduction.

One of the indications of reduced freon can be seen from the pressure gauge which shows the number 0 psi.

Make sure the fan or fan works when the car air conditioner is turned on.

The presence of a fan in the AC system has a very large effect on condenser cooling.

ac car commuting

If the fan turns off when the AC is turned on, then the car’s AC can feel hot.

This will certainly reduce comfort when driving on long trips, especially going home.


Another part of the car air conditioner that is checked before traveling back and forth is the blower.

If the blower sounds rough when the AC is on, then there is definitely a problem.

To check the condition of the blower, you can do it in stages from the smallest to the biggest wind gust setting.


Leaks that occur in the evaporator section can also make the car air conditioner not cool.

This leak causes the freon to decrease, so the wind won’t feel cold.

ac car commuting

Filter AC

Another car air conditioning component that must be checked before going on a long trip is the AC filter.

Make sure this filter section is replaced with a new one so that the air quality produced can be healthier and maintained when traveling long distances.

The six components above should be cleaned and checked before going on long trips such as the Eid homecoming which is usually done by Indonesian people.

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Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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