Facts about the Mantri who injected the village head to death: Intention to make him weak leads to death

Serang, CNN Indonesia —

Alamunasir, village head of Curug Goong, Serang Regency, Banten, died after being injected with rocuronium liquid by a paramedic with the initials SH, last Sunday (12/3).

This conclusion was reached after the Puslabfor Mabes Polri examined the evidence along with samples of the victim’s body submitted by the forensic team and Satreskrim Polresta Serkot.

“Then the blood, stomach and bile organs and liver were positive for rocuronium. So it is identical to the drug, namely rocuronium,” said the Head of the forensic toxicology sub-division for the Indonesian National Police Laboratory, Kompol Faizal Rachmad, Tuesday (28/03).



Rocuronium is a drug used to relax muscles which is usually given by doctors along with anesthetic drugs to patients who are about to undergo surgery. This drug is also used in the procedure for placing a breathing apparatus.

Rocuronium is a neuromuscular blocker that works by blocking signals between nerves and muscles. The workings of this drug make the patient’s body relax and not move during surgery. The drug also relaxes the airway muscles, making it easier to intubate the trachea or apply a ventilator.

So that the drug should not be used other than a doctor and must go through a doctor’s prescription. The use of the drug is strongly suspected of being the cause of Alamunasir’s death.

“It is also an anesthetic that is only used by anesthesiologists. So it should not be used by other than anesthesiologists, because it is feared that an overdose could make the patient die,” he explained.

The safe dose of the drug rocuronium is only 0.6 milligrams per kilogram of body, so everyone’s needs are different, judging by their total body weight. If you exceed the dose, the drug can turn into poison.

It is strongly suspected that Alamunasir had an overdose of rocuronium after being injected by the SH paramedics, so he had convulsions, passed out and foam came out of his mouth.

“That is indeed the typical symptom of an overdose of a person with foam coming out because of the rejection of the drug that has entered their body. And this is indeed an overdose of the anesthetic, which is a type of rocuronium,” he explained.

Alleged adultery

Mantri SH was determined to inject Alamunasir because he suspected that the victim had an affair with his wife, NN who works as a midwife.

“He has crossed the line, he has had an affair with my wife,” said SH when met at the Serang City Police Headquarters.

SH intended to suffocate Alamunasir by injecting a liquid called rocuronium and then giving the village head a deterrent effect, because he was already having an affair with his wife. Even though Alamunasir is already married and still has a legal wife named Ani.

He also took care that the alleged affair was not known to many people.

“The goal is just to relax his muscles. Because if I tell others about this affair, it will be a disgrace. That’s why I want to make a clarification from him himself,” he explained.

SH didn’t think the anesthetic that was injected caused Alamunasir’s death. Even after being injected, the victim did not immediately convulse and only sweat.

After that, Alamunasir started having seizures and foaming at the mouth. SH was shocked and asked for help from the victim’s family to take him to the health center to be given medical assistance. However, after being taken to the hospital, the village chief’s life could not be saved.

“Even at the puskesmas, I helped. The intention was that when I was weak, I wanted to punch it, but it turned out that the other effects were beyond my reach,” he said.

Mantri SH admitted to getting anesthetic from the hospital. Although he did not specify how he got it, the perpetrator admitted that he did not steal the drug.

“No stealing, taking from the hospital, only 5cc, the medicine is rocuronium and diphenhydramin,” he explained.


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