Bareskrim: Some of Dito Mahendra’s weapons are unlicensed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Bareskrim Polri said that some of the firearms found from Dito Mahendra’s house did not have a permit.

“There are 15 (firearms), if I’m not mistaken some are licensed, some are not,” said Kabareskrim Polri Komjen Agus Andrianto told reporters, Tuesday (28/3).

Agus said that until now investigators were still investigating the origin of the possession of the unlicensed firearms.



“We will investigate where the unlicensed weapons came from,” he said.

Previously, the KPK found 15 firearms when they searched Dito Mahendra’s house on Monday (13/3). The guns found in Dito’s house ranged from glock types to long barrels.

“In the search, it was true that the team found 15 firearms of various types. Five Glock type pistols, one S&W pistol, one kimber micro pistol, and eight long-barreled firearms,” ​​said KPK Head of Reporting Section, Ali Fikri, when confirmed, Jakarta, Friday ( 17/3).

The search of Dito Mahendra’s house was related to the investigation into the alleged corruption and money laundering case of former Supreme Court (MA) Secretary Nurhadi Abdurrachman.

Ali said, his party would also investigate the findings of the 15 senpi with the alleged Money Laundering Crime (TPPU) committed by Nurhadi.

“Of course the KPK will further investigate the ownership of the firearms, including whether there is any connection with the alleged ML which is currently being carried out by the KPK, because we know that the current mode of ML is very complex,” said Ali.


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