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Jakarta — PT Audio Plus Indonesia presents a premium tweeter Accuton Automotive Black Diamond Tweeter which is claimed to be able to provide true audiophile-class audio quality.

The presence of this brand-new product is proof of PT Audio Plus Indonesia’s commitment to enhancing the experience of enjoying the best audio quality for every car owner in the country.

Accuton Automotive Black Diamond Tweeter

Accuton Automotive Black Diamond Tweeter which belongs to the premium class has arrived in Indonesia. (Photo: Carmudi)

“Audio Plus Indonesia continues to strive to present and adapt the latest technology in the audio sector so that it can provide the best experience for every car owner. We implement this commitment through these high end speakers,” said Andreas Tjahjadi, CEO of PT Audio Plus Indonesia when Carmudi met at Dynamics Autosound in Sunter, North Jakarta, Monday (27/3/2023).

PT Audio Plus Indonesia itself is the sole distributor of several cable and car audio brands for the Indonesian market, such as Accuton Automotive, Tchernov Cable, Silent Coat and Ground Zero.

“For this project, the Accuton Automotive Black Diamond Tweeter was specifically chosen as one of the Honda Odyssey’s audio systems,” said Andreas.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey equipped with Accuton Automotive Black Diamond Tweeter. (Photo: Carmudi)

As explained, the dome tweeter on the Accuton Diamond Tweeter is made of genuine diamonds.

The choice of diamond material is not without reason.

Even though it is very thin, the selected diamond has rigid properties so that it can produce clean frequencies, alias without sound distortion.

Not only that, to meet the needs of the most optimal low frequency, Audio Plus Indonesia relies on a 10-inch Accuton subwoofer equipped with aluminum sandwich technology.

“This is the best combination of flexible and rigid materials,” explained Andreas.

For those who are curious about the price, two Accuton Automotive Black Diamond Tweeters cost IDR 450 million.

“With a high price, this tweeter targets the premium segment that understands music and audio,” concluded Andreas.

Author: Nadya Andari
Editor: Dimas

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