7 Ways to Eliminate Sleepiness During Fasting, Not Just Sleeping

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One of the challenges during fasting is when you have to endure sleepiness. There are various ways to get rid of sleepiness during fasting.

It is undeniable that getting up in the early hours makes many people sleepy during the day and affects their activities.

How do you not get sleepy during the day and can do normal activities?



Actually, it’s normal to feel sleepy and weak during the day, especially during fasting. This is because the body is ‘working’ with less energy than usual and coupled with disturbed sleep patterns.

During the month of Ramadan, usually sleep time will be shortened because you have to wake up for sahur in the last third of the night, especially if you don’t compensate with additional hours of sleep. It’s no wonder that during the month of Ramadan it will make you sleepier than usual days.

What makes you more sleepy during the day, especially during fasting?

Blood sugar levels will decrease when fasting so that it makes you sleepy, especially at certain hours during the day. Referring to Medical News Today, symptoms of decreased blood sugar levels are also usually accompanied by feelings of weakness, trembling, and difficulty concentrating.

When you’re not fasting, you can drink coffee or eat candy, but how do you get rid of sleepiness during fasting?

1. Hours of quality sleep

It’s true that waking up at dawn can make you more sleepy during the day. But don’t spend all your fasting time just sleeping.

Research shows that sleepiness is not just a matter of hours of sleep. But maintaining the quality of sleep is equally important to get rid of sleepiness. If there is no urgent need, avoid sleeping late.

Sleep earlier than usual, or sleep after the Tarawih prayer so that the body gets enough rest and can wake up at dawn without feeling lazy and avoiding sleepiness during the day.

2. Take a cold shower

The way to get rid of sleepiness during fasting is to take a cold shower. Bathing can make the body feel refreshed and no longer sleepy.

The cold water temperature will promote blood circulation and energize the body. Cold water can also lighten the skin and reduce inflammation, so it’s great for dealing with any swelling that may appear on your face.

3. Ablution

Wudhu with cold water so that the face and body become fresher. Apart from being part of the self-cleaning ritual before prayer, wudu also makes the body fresh and relaxed.

Rubbing water on your face through ablution signals a change in body temperature to wake you up so you can concentrate on your work again.

In addition, washing water on other parts such as arms and legs can improve blood circulation, so that it can deliver oxygen and nutrients to all body cells.

7 Ways to Eliminate Sleepiness During Fasting, Not Just Sleeping


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