Video commotion of distributing PDIP red envelopes in mosques, Bawaslu intervenes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Chairman of the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) Rahmat Bagja highlighted a video showing someone in a mosque or prayer room distributing red envelopes bearing the PDIP logo.

According to Bagja, his party will conduct an investigation to find out whether the incident that went viral on social media actually happened.

“Of course there will be an investigation into the alleged incident. We will examine the incident above if there is an alleged violation,” Bagja told, Monday (27/3).



Bagja also reminded about the ban on political activities in places of worship. According to him, what happened in the video is not allowed.

“Bawaslu stated that all activities related to practical politics in places of worship are not permitted,” he said.

Previously, the Twitter account @PartaiSocmed shared a video with a picture of someone giving PDIP red envelopes complete with the bull’s head logo to worshipers in a mosque or place of worship.

In the envelope depicted in the video, there is a photo of Acting Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) PDIP East Java (East Java) Said Abdullah and Chairman of the PDIP DPC Sumenep Ahmad Fauzi.

Netizens’ replies in the link to the tweet also show the contents of an envelope containing IDR 300,000, consisting of two IDR 100,000 notes and two IDR 50,000 notes.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the PDIP DPP, Said Abdullah, did not deny the video circulating about the envelope with a picture of him and the PDIP logo.

Said, who is Acting Chairman of the East Java PDIP DPD, admitted that he and the PDIP Madura DPC had distributed 175 thousand zambako packages to the poor during the recess of council members in March. Part of the basic food is in the form of money.

Said considers the money as part of the zakat mal which is routinely given to residents every year.

“I intend the money to be used as zakat mal. And I have routinely done this every year since 2006. Even if there is an excess of fortune, we actually want to give zakat to reach more of the poor,” said Said in his statement, Monday (27/3 ).


(Gambas:Video CNN)

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