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Jakarta — Toyota is reportedly planning to stop selling the Toyota Camry sedan in Japan at the end of 2023.

This is based on the model’s sales figures which are considered unsatisfactory.

Japanese Toyota Camry

The form of the 10th generation Toyota Camry which was born in 2017. Toyota is rumored to be stopping selling the sedan in Japan at the end of 2023. (Photo: Toyota)

Thus the report from Nikkei Asia which was summarized, Monday (27/3/2023).

It was explained, Toyota has given notice to its dealers in Japan that Camry production will be stopped at the end of this year.

Automatically it will stop sales of these models for the domestic market.

However, Camry production for the export market will continue.

According to the same source, Toyota will stop selling the Camry in Japan in stages.

It begins with closing orders from consumers for the model.

This step will end Camry’s work in Japan, which has existed for 43 years.

Toyota Camry Stops Production

This step will end the model’s career in Japan, which has existed for 43 years. (Photo: Toyota)

Reportedly, Toyota has sold around 1.3 million Camry units in Japan since the sedan debuted in 1980.

Toyota Camry Sales Outside Japan Still Good

Camry sales globally are actually still relatively good with 600,000 units expected to be sold during 2022.

However, specifically in Japan, this car only sold 6,000 units last year.

Obstructing factors include the semiconductor crisis.

In addition to the increasingly shifting consumer tastes to the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) model.

To note, Toyota is not the only manufacturer that has ended sales of its sedans in Japan.

1st Generation Toyota Camry

The appearance of the first generation Camry which was marketed in Japan in 1980. (Photo: Toyota)

Last year Nissan did the same with the Fuga and Honda also ended sales of the Legend.

However, the Camry is still in high demand outside of Japan, as is the US market.

This car has sold around 13 million units in Uncle Sam’s country.

Consumers there rate the Camry as a vehicle that is durable, easy to drive, and has a spacious interior.

Author: Mada Prastya
Editor: Dimas

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