The Price of Tender Tree Materials in the First Town of Ramadan

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The price of basic commodities began to be tame in the first week of Ramadan this year. One of them is red chili.

Quoting the Strategic Food Price Information Center (PIHPS), the average national red chili price was Rp.48,850 per kg on Monday (27/3), a decrease compared to early last week which was Rp.49,550 per kg.

For large red chilies, the price drops from IDR 50,150 to IDR 48,550 per kg. Meanwhile, curly red chili prices fell from IDR 49,450 to IDR 49,300 per kg.



The decline did not only occur on a national average. In Jakarta, the price of large red chilies has also fallen from IDR 48,000 earlier last week to IDR 40,000 per kg earlier this week.

Meanwhile for curly red chilies in Jakarta, prices are stable at IDR 40,000 per kg. The decline also occurred in chicken meat.

At the beginning of this week, the price of this commodity was recorded at IDR 34,850, down compared to early last week which was IDR 35,200 per kg.

Meanwhile, beef prices recorded an average decrease from IDR 134,750 to IDR 134,200 per kg. For cayenne pepper, the price drops from Rp. 61,850 to Rp. 59,000 per kg.

Despite this, there are also prices of staples that tend to rise in this town.

One of them is rice, whose average price has increased from IDR 13,350 to IDR 13,400 per kg. Apart from rice, garlic also experienced an increase from IDR 33,800 to IDR 34,350 per kg.

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