The Myanmar Junta Regime Even Military Parade after the US Gives Sanctions Again

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The Myanmar military junta held a military parade after the United States imposed sanctions again, Monday (27/3).

The parade was held to celebrate Myanmar’s annual Armed Forces Day. The march included rocket launchers, tanks and hundreds of personnel lining the streets.



“(The Tatmadaw will) strive to achieve full law enforcement and tranquility throughout the Union to ensure the socio-economic security of all citizens,” junta leader Min Aung Hlaing said at the parade, as quoted by CNN.

He also said the military would act against terrorist organizations and insurgent groups.

“Marriage martial law is increasingly being imposed in key cities that need to be controlled during the second phase of the State of Emergency,” Aung Hlaing said.

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The military parade took place a week after the US launched a series of sanctions against two people it accused of having ties to the military. They also imposed sanctions on three military-owned businesses.

“In addition, the Department of Finance issued a Sanctions Warning against Burmese jet fuel to inform individuals, businesses and others of the sanctions risks associated with providing the Myanmar military regime jet fuel,” the US Treasury report said.

A number of human rights monitoring groups accused the Tatmadaw of using helicopters and jets to carry out the attacks. This action caused many civilians to die.

This military parade is the third time since the Tatmadaw staged a coup against the legitimate government.

Two years after forcibly taking power, Myanmar is in economic, political and humanitarian crisis. Violence also continues to occur in this country.

The junta arrested demonstrators who opposed his rule, arrested journalists and political prisoners and executed a number of pro-democracy activists.

As a result of this action, a number of Western countries have imposed sanctions on military officials and companies that are considered capable of supporting their activities.

However, despite being economically isolated, the Myanmar military has not stopped producing various weapons.


(Gambas:Video CNN)

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