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Trans TV will broadcast the early morning edition of BLOCKBUSTER SAHUR MOVIES, Kung Fu Hustle (2004), at 01.45 WIB. Kung Fu Hustle (2004) starring Stephen Chow.

Kung Fu Hustle reaped a number of awards at the 2005 Hong Kong Film Awards. This film took home awards from nominations for best supporting actor, cinematography, editing, sound design and special effects.



Here’s a synopsis of Kung Fu Hustle on BLOCKBUSTER SAHUR MOVIES TRANS TV.

Kung Fu Hustle is an action comedy film set in 1940s China. This film tells the change in Sing’s (Stephen Chow) attitude, which was very good as a child and became evil and even criminal as an adult.

Economic conditions make Sing want to become a member of the red ax gang controlled by Sum (Danny Chan). The gang wants to try to control the city and kill everyone who wants to get in their way.

In order to become a member, several challenges must be passed. The first challenge is stealing. Sing along with his best friend, Bone, managed to get through the challenge.

Kung Fu HustleSynopsis Kung Fu Hustle: Kung Fu Hustle is an action comedy film set in 1940s China. (doc. Columbia Pictures via IMDb)

The challenge increases. This time, they must free the deadly warrior, The Beast (Bruce Leung Siu Lung), who is in a mental hospital.

The process is not as smooth as the first challenge. When he was about to let go of the warrior, Sing became badly battered.

Sing’s life is saved thanks to a husband and wife who are experts in kung fu. They then take care of Sing. Not to mention having had time to focus on the original plan, Sing is now faced with a more ruthless opponent.

Kung Fu Hustle first premiered in Hong Kong on December 23, 2004. Several other well-known actors also starred in this film, such as Xiaogang Feng, Wah Yuen, Zhihua Dong, and Danny Kwok-Kwan Chan.

The film, which was made with a budget of US$20 million, earned a profit of up to US$102.8 million from the world box office.

After knowing the synopsis of Kung Fu Hustle, watch this film on BLOCKBUSTER SAHUR MOVIES TRANS TV on Tuesday (28/3) at 01.45 WIB.

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