STY Reveals Differences in Arhan’s Performance in the Indonesian National Team and Tokyo Verdy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Shin Tae Yong explained the reason why Pratama Arhan had little trust in Tokyo Verdy but was impressive when playing for the Indonesian national team.

Arhan has been one of Shin Tae Yong’s top players since shining brightly at the 2020 AFF Cup. His name has almost never been absent from Shin’s list of players for the U-23 and senior national teams.

The 21-year-old full-back was one of the players who appeared impressive when Indonesia beat Burundi in the first match of FIFA Matchday, Saturday (25/3).



However, Arhan is still having trouble getting the confidence to play at Tokyo Verdy, who plays in the Japanese League’s second caste competition.

“When Arhan came to the national team, he certainly performed well, but when he returned to Tokyo Verdy, there was definitely a shortage, so he didn’t play,” Shin Tae Yong was quoted as saying by Antara, Monday (27/3).

The coach from South Korea considered that Arhan had to work extra hard to adapt to the atmosphere of the Japanese League.

“So Arhan must be able to self-evaluate so he can quickly adapt to his team, only then can he also adapt to Japanese football. So hopefully it can be an aid for his team,” said Shin.

Pratama Arhan is likely to return to appear as a starter in the second match between Indonesia vs Burundi. The quality of defense and attack that is balanced is one of the things that Shin Tae Yong likes.

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