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Riding a motorcycle during fasting requires special preparation so that the body condition remains fit so that it is safe and comfortable during the trip.

Doing physical activity, including riding a motorcycle while fasting, is quite draining and tiring. These conditions can certainly reduce the level of concentration of the driver.

The bad effect can trigger an accident and harm other road users.

Riding a motorbike while fasting

Riding a motorcycle during fasting (Photo: Yamaha Indonesia)

So, to minimize fatigue and to keep your body fit while riding a motorcycle during fasting, there are some tips that need to be listened to as conveyed by Muhamad Arief, Yamaha Riding Academy Instructor, PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

Consumption of High Fiber Foods

At dawn it is highly recommended to multiply high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables which are believed to be able to maintain stamina when carrying out activities during fasting.

It is recommended to avoid foods that are high in oil so as not to feel sleepy during the day.

Light exercise

Make time for light exercise after sahur or before breaking your fast.

There are various types of light exercise that can be done, including leisurely walks, cycling, jogging and yoga.

Exercise is very important to maintain body fitness.

Get Enough Rest

When fasting, make sure the body gets enough rest. Take time to rest for a while in the middle of a busy activity. That way the condition of the body can stay fit.

If you are physically tired when driving long distances, you should rest first in a comfortable area.

Don’t Drive in a Rush

Drive calmly and don’t be in a hurry just to catch up with iftar time at home.

Try to avoid congested and jammed paths so as not to drain your energy. It’s better to go home early or break the fast in the middle of the trip to avoid unwanted things.

Riding a motorbike while fasting

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid (Photo: Yamaha Indonesia)

Use Safety Gear and Check Motor Condition

Use safety gear such as a helmet with a visor, use comfortable shoes for foot protection, jackets and gloves.

Don’t forget to check your motorbike before you drive it to make sure it’s in a roadworthy condition.

The motor parts that need to be checked include tires, brakes, air filter and CVT area.

Author: Santo Sirait

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