Reckless and Reckless, Marquez Big Loss at the Beginning of MotoGP 2023

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Marc Marquez appeared reckless at the Portuguese MotoGP and that made him a big loss at the start of MotoGP 2023.

Marquez actually appeared quite competitive at the Portuguese MotoGP. In the sprint race, Marquez was able to finish in third place.

Competitive in the sprint race plus pole position when the race arrives is a good provision ahead of the Portugal MotoGP race. But all of that broke up at the start of the race because Marquez appeared aggressive and tended to be reckless.



Since the race started, Marquez looked so aggressive. Marquez even touched in the early corners of the race.

Marquez’s reckless attitude finally paid off when the race entered the third minute. Marquez crashed into Miguel Oliveira and the incident knocked both riders off the motorbike.

Not only did Oliveira fall and fail to finish the race, Marquez also forced Jorge Martin to the side of the track and then fell far behind the front group.

Apart from making the two racers experience bad luck, Marquez also suffered heavy losses. Marquez suffered a fracture of the metacarpal which is located in the palm of his right hand. Marquez also had to be absent in the second series, namely at the Argentine MotoGP.

By being absent at the Argentine MotoGP, it means that Marquez will not have the opportunity to add points. As a result, Marquez also risks getting left behind in the hunt for the world title.

Currently the top position in the 2023 MotoGP standings is occupied by Pecco Bagnaia. Bagnaia won 37 points, aka the maximum points in a series.

Meanwhile, Marquez has just collected seven points from finishing third in the Sprint Race.

The Argentina MotoGP race will take place from March 31 to April 2.

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