Oliveira absent at MotoGP Argentina because of Marquez

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Miguel Oliveira is confirmed to be absent from the 2023 Argentina MotoGP following an injury caused by being hit by Marc Marquez at the Portugal GP last weekend.

“Injury forced Miguel Oliveira to be absent from MotoGP Argentina. The Portuguese racer will not appear at Termas after clashing with Marc Marquez at Portimao,” read the official MotoGP statement.

Oliveira had to end the race faster in front of the public because he had an accident at corner 3 of the second lap. Oliveira was unable to even continue the race after being hit by Marquez who appeared aggressive.



Marquez finally received a double long lap penalty at the 2023 Argentina MotoGP. The Repsol Honda racer also suffered a broken arm and was confirmed absent at Termas earlier.

The Honda racer has already apologized and received a penalty. He claimed his front tires were locked so he couldn’t avoid a collision.

Oliveira understood that Marquez had no intention of accidentally crashing into him. However, he considered Marquez to be too ambitious and forced to maneuver in the wrong position.

Apart from Oliveira and Marquez, two other racers who will miss the Argentina MotoGP are Enea Bastianini and Pol Espargaro. Bastianini and Espargaro were also absent after having an incident at the Algarve Circuit.

MotoGP Argentina 2023 will be held at the Termas de Rio Hondo Circuit on April 2. This will be the second MotoGP 2023 series after the previous race took place in Portugal.

(Gambas:Video CNN)


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