News : Having lost to Aura in Leg 1 MPL S11, Nino: At that time, our communication was very chaotic | GameBox

Through an interview with the media last Saturday (25/03) after Aura Fire played their last match in MPL Season 11. That day’s match ended with a dramatic scene between AE and Aura Fire. According to Nino, one of Alter Ego’s players, they lost their first match because their team was not ready and had problems communicating.

“Communication in the first leg was chaotic, but in the second leg we were able to get up, in the first leg if you watch it, it doesn’t look like Alter Ego,” said Nino.

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The last week of the third day of MPL Indonesia, presented a match between Alter Ego and Aura Fire, which made AE ​​manage to get two points. However, previously in the first leg, Aura Fire managed to win the match and win one point. Congratulations to Alter Ego on his achievement to make it to the playoffs!

Apart from the main news above, KOTAKGAME also has an interesting video that you can watch below.

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